Monday, July 6, 2020

Days with Tristen.........

We finally got to see Tristen. It had been a very long time. We had him one whole day. He has been staying with Grandpa Dan and must have asked if he could come over. Well he spent the whole day and then we got him again for 4 days when Jason came home. So here are some pictures from his visits.

He has been with Bodi since he was a baby. So he always spends some time loving on her.
We went out and showed him some of the places he used to go when he was smaller. He loves the river.

He loves the water but the swimming hole on the river is his favourite. Trying to get him out is a chore. He is good though. He has been so excited to be at our house again. He is like a tornado going through

There has been way too much human activity to see much in the way of wildlife but we still managed to see some here and there. The heat has been the worst.

So I think the pictures speak for themselves. He has enjoyed his time with us. Dan called and asked if he can come this week on Thursday and Friday. Well I know what we will be doing........the river.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Suttons Bay.....................

It was so hot and humid today, didn't want to work in the garden. Gerry not keen on a trip. We compromised and went to Sutton's Bay. I had wanted to stop at The Bear's Den anyway, so we stopped on the way. I had wanted to get a couple more things for the garden. I had bought the birds and wanted the fish and they were on sale. I will take pictures when I get them put up.So while there I saw a few other things of course.
So after that we went into town and down to the wildlife section on the water. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of water fowl now. All off somewhere doing their thing, I did see the Swans.

The kids are growing fast......we saw some Canadians and their kids are really big.

There was not a lot out there otherwise. I had hoped to see some snakes haha, but only a couple of frogs

One cool thing though, a Swallow sat for awhile

I had wanted to go to the Samaritan's Closet in Lake Leelanau the thrift shop. I did find a couple of things, I usually do. Then on the way home we took the road to Cedar, country roads.

Beautiful clouds, first hay. Polled Herefords.......hazy days. Tomorrow I will work in the garden and hope it's cooler.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Out and About........

I have managed to get out a couple of times a week. I haven't done a blog each time because I've been working in the garden. It's been a lot of work, as it usually is in Springtime. Working hard on cleaning out the stuff that spreads so much. Anyway, it's hard work now. I have to take a lot of breaks............We went out yesterday from Empire to Frankfort. Back roads make it more interesting.

Naturally we watch for animals. There have been so many bear sightings so far this Spring, alas I haven't seen one. Saw one deer but no good shots. They are no doubt staying close to babies. I want pictures but there again no sightings so far. I did see this baby cute is this. I believe it's a Mink.

I was walking along the front by the breakwall and heard what I thought was a bird. Having a look I then saw what I thought was a kitten. Oh no, I sure didn't want to go back to the car with a kitten, even if I did manage to not fall in the water.......but then a face pops up from under a rock. I see it's a Mink. So cute. Mum was keeping tabs on baby who was wandering, I was afraid it would fall into the water or get lost, but it got back to Mum just fine.

Flooding over the path and the road also.

The smell of Honeysuckle was thick in the air.
The next thing I had wanted to do was to go home down River Rd, the Llama farm was opening up but not on a

Close to home is Olson's buffalo herd.

While I was by Betsie Lake I saw a Muskrat, first this year but my pictures are not good. I have been watching at Narada Lake because I got good pictures there......hope that I will see him again.....meanwhile here is a not so good picture.

Well I am not really in the mood for this right now, it's hot and yeauky so all for now. I hope we can get out at the end of the week.