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Monday, November 18, 2019

A Winter Saturday............

I had wanted to get the basement bedrooms painted this weekend but it was such a nice day on Saturday. Gabby has found her own place and moved out, so now its just me and he........lots to do before Winter sets in for good. We had so much snow after so much rain that we just had to make the most of the sun. I am sure Gerry thought it the better of two choices haha. So off we went, still snow to make it pretty but clear roads. Suttons Bay first to avoid back roads just in case.

Those Pine trees that are yellow, well they are not really "Pine" trees, although the same family they lose their needles. When I first came here I thought so many pines were dying and had never heard of pines shedding like that. Well come to find out they are Tamaracks and as far as I know I had never seen them in England. Anyway, they are so pretty and I am happy to know they will live on next year.
We stopped in Lake Leelanau for Coffee and goodies at the Peddling Bean. We got chocolate muffins and a couple of Almond Pastries for later. White chocolate Mocha is now Gerry's favourite and we almost always stop for one. On to Leland. Fishtown has not quite sunk yet and everything much calmer. A couple there fishing and catching Coho Salmon.

It's still in danger though and so iconic that we just can't lose it. I went down to the beach but could not get down, the snow and the sand banks made a drop that with my knees and my eye sight I was not willing to negotiate. It was very tempting because the water was so calm and so many stones I now wish I had tried. I could have sat and dropped down but getting back up........well I just decided not to.

We continued on to Port Oneida but couldn't stop at the boardwalk at Narada Lake there was nowhere to pull over and so we just carried on. We had to stop for a Possum crossing the road, a very fat possum. He looked like Bodi our poodle and I wish I could have got a good picture. We had the girls in for hair cuts and apparently Bodi's tail was matted because it was shaved so even more like the Possum. It stopped and was thinking of climbing a tree, so peeped around to see if we were still there, we just laughed because his face looked even more like Bodi than his butt did. He took off into the woods.

On to Port Oneida, amazing how many leaves still on the trees.The Beavers apparently still at work.

Not much to see, I did go down the steps to the beach but again could not negotiate the drop down from the bottom step so not good shots there.

Before we got there I forgot to say we took a side trip to Shalda Creek, I knew it would be lovely. We daren't walk in the woods, lots of hunters out parked along the roads.

All this time and the only thing we saw was the Possum. So next we stopped at Glen Haven just to look and saw two deer. Woo Hoo, its hunting season so they are smart enough to know where it's safe. They were not hanging around and I didn't get a picture but we just knew maybe in Empire we might be lucky so headed that way. This lady was in someones garden

We know where to look and were rewarded with some pretty pictures. I eventually got out of the car to get better shots. Three deer were heading out and walked so close to me, it was lovely. The lead lady stamped her foot a couple of times before deciding I was harmless. I was actually trying to get a good picture of a hawk sitting in a tree when the deer came up from the stream.

I live for the wildlife moments. I want to see a bear so much and there have been so many sightings around the area. In fact the next day someone posted pictures of two bears right where we had been on Saturday. Missed them. Dang. Some day maybe. I will keep trying and Gerry has explicit orders to get pictures should I get chased and don't let them blame the bear............I am joking but....well.....sigh. I want to see a bear.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Climate change, is it real?.........................

People debate back and forth on climate change. The scientists of today pretty much say yes, the climate is changing. Many people don't believe it, they say it's a cycle...........well either way things are changing right now. So does it really matter if it's a natural phenomena or caused by man. Fact is mankind is responsible for polluting the planet and it affects the wildlife around us as well as the Oceans and lakes and rivers. The land itself is toxic in many places in the world and because of man and our habits we can account for a great deal of damage. We can also fix that if we care to.Go back to calmer methods and ways.

I have no idea if the rise of the lakes and the oceans is because man is polluting the atmosphere, the water and land, all contributing to the melting of polar ice. Or making holes in the Ozone layers. Or do Ice ages come and go. Does it really matter? The fact is we can change a great deal by our behavior. One side effect that I like is that new things come to light as land comes back into view. Archaeology finds many answers to our past because of this.

My own belief is Biblical. I believe that God created the Heavens and the earth. I believe in Genesis and I think that it is vague enough to allow for much of what science also believes. How old is the earth. What happened to dinosaurs. What happened to the earth during creation. I believe it can all be explained. I don't know how old the earth is and neither does anyone else. Science can never prove one way or other because as new things are found what is believed is changed. Every new thing that man discovers changes what is already known. God made all creatures in its time, he made them male and female and allowed them to breed. One thing we also know is He gave them the ability to change, to adapt and to evolve. So yes I believe in evolution (adaption) but a cat will never be a dog and a horse will never be a goat. Within those species though there is room for change and adaption. Man has proven that unintentionally by selective breeding.

I believe that when God destroyed the earth in a gigantic flood it caused the continental drift. We are told that the only survivors were Noah and all who sailed with him. Well, maybe maybe not. One thing to know about the Bible is that it doesn't go into too much detail because the story in the Old Testament describes the Fall and Redemption of man........thus the old Testament follows the line of Christ from Adam to the Saviour. SO Noah being the forefather of Christ is the story we know. Were there other people I don't know, maybe. Doesn't matter to me..........I do know that the Bible also tells us that beings came down from Heaven and mated with people.Read about the Nephalim and what happened to the world back then. There were many cross breeds at that time that were designed to ultimately destroy Christ's line and stop His coming. As they would be sterile.Read Roman, Norse and Greek myths. God took care of that with the flood. So was that an ice age? I don't know. Was there an ice age before that in the forming of the world as we know it, probably. God made the beasts and birds and fish long before man came along. The world was at one time a perfect environment where it didn't rain but a mist would come down and water the earth. Climate change certainly happened after the fall of Adam. Its probably changed many times since.

Did dinosaurs roam in the time of man? Who knows, certainly Behemoths are mentioned. What happened to them? probably climate change, not being able to adapt quickly enough or else the asteroids or the flood. None of that matters, my point is that the climate has changed many times, sometimes quicker than others. Man is able to adapt. He has done so since Eden. He was a cave dweller at times, he changed physically and mentally but was always a man. He was never a Monkey. Cave men were not stupid either.

So what to do about climate change. Here on the Great Lakes the water levels rise and fall. I have seen it since coming here in 1971. A time when the water was so far out the poor people had to dock their boats far out from the beaches (I say with sarcasm) now the water is so high its destroying stuff. Man does not seem to learn. You can buy the beautiful property along shorelines but nature will do as she wants. Man is a selfish and greedy beast. We have caused more damage to the earth than any act of nature. The forest fires, land slides, floods so much preventable. We change the course of rivers, we build dams. We pollute. We kill off whole species of animals and God had created everything to work together. One species relies on another. Interrupt the chain of life and we have no idea the damage we do.

When man was created he was made a vegetarian. When he left Eden God Himself killed the first animal to clothe them and the animals were given the instinct to fear man. Mans life was limited. Hmmmmm wonder if eating flesh had something to do with that because God now allowed it and mans life span was lessened. An ideal world would be no eaters of flesh once more, all would live in peace and harmony. God's promise is that some day that will be so again. The Lion will lay down with the Lamb.

So climate change or no climate change the fact remains that man can and should protect the environment in any way we can. I remember when London smog was a phenomena brought about by industry and home use of coal. When coke and smokeless fuels came we no longer had to go out with our faces covered so as not to breath in the pollution. In London also they cleaned up and sand blasted all the buildings over a period of time to remove all the pollutants, the blackness from the coal the buildings became white again.
Where I lived in Houghton Regis we had a cement works. Two chimneys put out dust from the cement. It covered the hedges and polluted the air. Everything surrounding the plant had a white layer upon it. When the wind changed we would rush out and bring in the laundry from the lines before it too was covered in a layer of chalk dust. Now its gone and everything is green again. It can be done. The problem is mans greed.

The oil companies, the pharmaceutical industries, the cars the aircraft and all that we do has something to do with the climate. So believe in climate change or not, it doesn't matter. We need to change our ways of life and of thinking. We can all pick up garbage when we go out. Don't think of it as someone else's mess it is our mess our problem. We need to accept that we can make a difference and just because not everyone will does not let us off the hook. If not ME then who? Pick it up.
There are many things we won't change. We need the cars and aircraft but society can be responsible and over the years do things in a better way. We can stop over fishing, we can stop polluting, we can stop over eating meat and go to a better diet using more plants than animals.
Friends not food.

The fact is that we spend more on feeding cattle etc that only a few can afford to eat, where as if that land went to growing crops not only would it be a kinder world it would also be cleaner. Cows and sheep and pigs etc would not become extinct if we no longer ate them, they could live a natural life in preserved land until they too adapted to change as all beasts do in the end. We can plant trees. We can do away with plastic and other things that do not break down in the land fills that pollute our ground water. They may have been a great invention at one time but now we know better. It will take time but we can do it. Meanwhile oceans rise and fall, man can argue if its natural or not. Lets just DO SOMETHING. No one has to believe as I do, no one has to believe in God or climate change you can call me bonkers if you like but......what rational human being would not want to leave the world a better place?????????