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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day............

Mothers Day


Mothers Day........ its on a different day in England. I remember going to Luton market to get my mum flowers. I liked the blue Dutch iris and the yellow pom pom branches from some Australian plant that I forget the name of. Anyway......They are so pretty together.
What do we expect from our Mother? She will never live up to the expectations of her child. There is no perfect Mother, children don't come with instructions. Children don't see mum as a person with a life and her own problems. For the child its all about them. If you are fortunte the day comes when the child realizes just what the parents have done for them. Some parents never live to see the day. You can only do what you think is best, you pray for your children, you love them even though they give you the most pain. They think they can say whatever they like, that a mother does not have feelings and can take it all. They do, they understand but still I am sure we all wish that children matured quicker and had a little more empathy. God made mothers with a thick skin. The ability to take it on the chin time and again. Not until our own children are grown with children of their own do they begin to understand a little and maybe have some regrets. For a child, they are the center of their own world, parents are just there to accomodate their every whim. Gone are the days when children were expected to work. Parents are expected to do all that so the child can play and have everything they think they need. Its time to turn the clock back and raise children that care about their parents, help them and appreciate them. Young teens and twenties are among the worst they expect everything given to them, a car, clothes and spending money. They get a token job to put gas in the car but expect mum and dad to cover insurance. I think I was fortunate with mine. The boys both worked very hard from the time they were allowed to. They grew up to be responcible adults. I am not sure about my granddaughters though. The eldest one Danielle seems to get it. She works hard and understands but she is the one who always had to be responcible for the younger ones. Alex was learning and just before she died she had made huge progress............Gabby has a long way to go.
So how will I handle my little Tristen? That's going to be a challenge. I want him to have fun but want him to grow up to be a responcible and hard working man. God must guide me. cant do it alone. Not anymore. Not in todays world.


I wrote this in 1986 as my two boys were growing up and about to leave home.
They are grown men now. Both having been in the United States Marine corp and then attending Michigan Tec. Both now have good careers and I am proud of them both for growing up to be good men. This picture was taken at Gabby's graduation

It is so difficult to see you go out into the world. The world is such an unforgiving place. It shows no mercy. You will meet all kinds of people, good and bad and I can not protect you from life......Always do your best. If you must judge people do so with kindness and mercy. Be honest and truthful and always remember who you are a child of Christ. He is always with you. You will experience all kinds of temptations that you can not even dream of yet. I can not help you. You must make your own choices and descisions, and so it is so very important that you develop that special and close relationship with our Lord. Only He can guide you and answer your questions. He can be with you through the difficult and sometimes lonely times that are sure to careful who you choose as friends and of your name and reputation. When we are young we often scoff at those things, at how important those things are, but once tainted with a bad reputation it is never cleansed nor forgotten.....when a person does not know you they often judge you by your friends.
When the time comes and you meet that special person, remember that the overwhelming physical attraction that you feel is not love. When that is gone as it will be, or at least it will fade....then you need to have so much more than that to build your life around. Friendship and respect have much more value in the end. If you are very lucky you will find your soul mate and have it all but that is rare and marriage should be forever. Then in the long winter of your lives you will have a friend. Do not let the initial feelings blind you to the person beneath. I will always be there for you as long as I can be. As long as I walk this earth you will always have a home, and you will always have my love.

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