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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Oh no!!!!!........I am out of Marmite. I love it on toast in the mornings. I lavish the toast with butter first and drizzle on the Marmite. Its very healthy. Made from Brewers Yeast it contains a lot of niacin. That is supposed to be a good thing. All I know is that its addictive.

Mum used to use it a lot in gravy or soups. I don't. I have tried Bovril for that (beef extract) but its not the taste I want for gravy and is very salty. Its good to drink though.


My Dad would love a cup of Bovril with bread in it as a late night supper to go to bed on. He also liked hot milk with bread and sugar. He always had the late night supper. Something with bread broken into it, sometimes OXOs.

Bovril and OXO are both meat extract, very salty and during war time used to supplement the rations for the troops, especially in WW1 and the small wars around that time for example the Boar War.

So I grew up with these products and learned to make my gravy with OXO. I can only get those in England and believe me I brought a load back with me. Anyone who visits us knows to bring OXOs.

OXO is the one thing I can not get here and can not live without.
Back to Marmite.........the Aussies have Vegemite. Not sure if its the same or not, not inclind to try it. I can get Bovril and Marmite here and also Bisto (another gravy making product) thats good for making Shepherds pie.


Mine has vegetables in it as well as meat and that's what's for supper tonight because of this post. I wondered what I was going to do............blogging, who would have thunk it.
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laurajane said...

It's one of those things isn't it ,you love it or hate.Afraid I am the latter.I use OXO s and gallons of Worsestershire sauce,but I stopped buying Marmite 12 years ago when my daughter left home.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Here you go Janice:

Oxo cubes right here in the USA!

Love Marmite! And Dad was just like yours!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

{Drool}, I was raised with Bovril and Oxo gravy, and still to this day, drink a cup of either in hot water.
If you have a Publix grocery store nearby they boast a very nice English import aisle, brimming with all those necessary goodies, us Brits just can't do without.
Before Publix came along, I too used the imported food sites, they too have lots of selections !
Your Shepherd's Pie looks yummy, one of my favorite meals :)

NanaDiana said...

I have never heard of any of those products. Isn't it funny what we use in different parts of the world? I use Gravy Master in my stew and in gravy-it is a vegetable extract and adds a bit of flavor but you can't overdo it or it causes bitterness.

It was fun reading this post- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

We have OXO here! It has always been in my mom's house! I have never had Marmite? But, I know it is in the stores. Maybe I will try it?

Merlesworld said...

We eat vegemite here much the same but just a bit different, strange taste but can't live without it.