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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Old Games.............

Today the kids and young adults sit with their noses into their phones and electronics. They play games via the internet and on their lap tops and game players.
When ever there is a get together of any sort, everyone seems to be heads down twiddling their thumbs.......well using their thumbs.
Now here we go................when I was young (as I was always sick of hearing when I was in fact young) I used to play games, I mean real games with my hands and usually with someone else.
There were several things that we could do with friends, do you remember cigarette cards? Tea cards? I suppose it was our version of Pokemon.
Sylvia, one of my friends from Bidwell Hill and I would play things like "Pick up sticks"

 photo pickupsticks_zps32fc3d0f.jpg

That game took awhile and was fun I suppose. Another we played a lot was "Snakes and Ladders"

 photo 8168a7ff-8f20-401b-bb29-71f7571dfe53_zps068baf21.jpg

What about "Tiddly Winks"

 photo tiddly_zpse34bb394.jpg

Then there was also a game called "Blow Football" now that was fun. Got the whole family going on that one.

 photo 84938b19-8ea8-46ca-a085-94952209200b_zps1e855612.jpg

It was fun to open Christmas gifts and find a new game. Just simple things but so much fun. The kids will never know that. Its sort of a shame isn't it. These days even at Christmas everyone is doing their own thing. They stop to eat the meal and back to the electronics and so on. Not a lot to be done about that really, some of the teens I know never seem to get out of their rooms. Oh they talk to friends on line and play games with strangers long distance. In some ways thats fun too but.......I see me and Sylvie laying on the living room floor head to head playing a game and have to believe they are missing the human touch.


Merlesworld said...

I remember playing Pick up Sticks, Snakes and Ladders and Tiddly Winks as a child but never heard of Blow Football.
My children played street cricket and football and many card games I taught them but you are right as soon as computers came on the scene they seamed glued in front of them.

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with you totally! Everyone is not truly living today. They are existing! They don't know how to communicate! I love pick up sticks! My favorite!!! Some of the other games, I don't know.