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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Blue for you...............

Today is St George's day........and today I would like to share some pretty Bluebells. I have found some lovely pictures on the web and want to keep them here to enjoy.
St George is the Patron Saint of England and has nothing at all to do with Bluebells. I bet he liked them though if he ever thought about such things.
Its a beautiful thing to drive through the countryside and see the woods just blooming. The blue is brighter than the sky and leaves are just budding so the lime of the buds compliment the blue carpet below.
 photo bdd7f936-f3ae-44d5-be62-e9943e424297_zps2242bddf.jpg

I have said before about my Uncle Harold. He and I had much in common, we loved writing poems and we both loved Bluebells. Here is a picture taken in the Isle of White where he lived. Harold and Nellie lived there after they retired and Auntie Nellie got Parkinsons. Harold would care for her and when he got cancer all he worried about was how she would manage when he was gone. Well until he died he wrote to me and would still enjoy a quiet walk into Shanklin through a spinney that would be covered in Bluebells. He would walk to the shops and back as often as he could.

 photo 44af25cd-5fea-4a32-ab7c-d53c0be5d377_zps77357b80.jpg

I love graveyards. A quiet place to reflect and to dream. What could be prettier than a country graveyard with bluebells?
 photo 0ac72ccc-d919-4352-a338-1befae9be830_zps795b2185.jpg
How I would love to walk through here on a Spring morning.
 photo 368f06d1-bd0b-4c7b-8719-6b49c2e76a86_zps22b52782.jpg
I can not think of anything better than walking in an English woodland. Especially in Springtime. God created so much beauty and its good to be out and appreciating it. Listen to the birds as they feed their young and the baby bunnies, deer and other wildlife. Spring, season of renewal. A fresh start.
 photo fbd3e5b6-4f09-4c51-8fe1-8c1d10f7d8e0_zps3122ce65.jpg
I used to gather arm fulls of bluebells and take them home to mum. Alas they do not like to be picked and do not last in water for long. Better to enjoy them growing.

 photo 8c15318f-e76e-41a8-b905-79c446724287_zps2467a770.jpg

I have to get some for my garden so that in the Springtime I can enjoy that beautiful blue.
 photo 44e6e061-1e0d-4dc1-91d3-64901d90be65_zps45c501e6.jpg
I am sharing this with a few other blog parties.
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Denise said...

Beautiful post,I so enjoyed My time spent with you and the country walk among the bluebells.Denise

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post sooooo much, thank you for sharing!

laurajane said...

Beautiful pictures.I used to pick armfuls of Bluebells too.
Children can't have that pleasure now,can't pick them anymore as they are protected.My brother and I used to ride on our push bikes to Crackley Woods and go home with mountains of them.I live in Coventry and Crackley Woods in Kenilworth seamed like the other end of England ,Happy days.You always make me feel nostalgic (and I love it)

Magic Love Crow said...

Such beautiful pictures and great memories! You are so right about nature! I get such pleasure looking at the flowers and hearing the birds chirping ;o)

Merlesworld said...

I don't think they like our humid weather I have never seen them growing here, it's a pity I really like them.

Jody and Stan said...

Beautiful photos. I'm in love with the bluebells. New Follower.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a perfectly gorgeous blog! I love it. A fantasy I would love to live in. Have a wonderful weekend.

Helena White said...

Such a lovely stroll through beautiful blues. I love your photographs. I think I will stay and follow along ❥ ωίԵђ Լ♥ϋє ♥ Hεlεɳa ♥ мємσяу вσχ cяєαтισηѕ