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Sunday, April 20, 2014


What Easter means to me..........I dislike all the commercialism. It seems unavoidable. We are slogged with the Easter bunny, chicks and eggs. Kids seem to know about all of that before you even begin. I do not like to do any of that stuff myself. Well, not wanting to be a spoil sport I participated. The only thing I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with is Halloween. Choose your battles someone said.
So today.........Tristen gets up and he just happens to look out the window and oh oh "I see Easter eggs out there" mention of Easter bunnies. Well Reina said yesterday "Hey mum I know there is no such thing as the Easter bunny"...........thank you Lord. SO Tristen in his 4 year olds wisdom can cross that one off. Now, I have no problem with pretend OK. I can tell fairy tales and talk about Santa and all that stuff as long as its make believe. I want him to know the difference.
 photo 66fa07de-6d5d-4477-bed5-9b8b52debc39_zpsbd6db2cf.jpg
It was frustrating for him I am sure. He could see the eggs carefully hidden the night before, well hid at dusk but bright in the morning sun. He had to wait till 10am when Laura and the girls arrived. We had been up since 7am. He waited without a fuss though so that was good. We filled a few plastic eggs with a few jelly beans. One of his broke open and the picture above is Tristen with his cheeks packed. Reina shows off her hoard
 photo f54bcd44-27f3-46bd-b8c1-3edae05363f5_zps33b8d664.jpg
Raylene got a good share
 photo 04afa33e-04cf-417b-9a7d-b59a0b9f774f_zpse340004c.jpg
The guy next door came out and he was the one who mentioned the Easter Bunny.........."I see the Easter bunny has been playing in your yard" yes they all say and show off the loot
 photo 997d90b9-6366-4b8f-9ac1-0a1caf9c1eb6_zpsa09d832b.jpg
They each found quite a few and had fun looking for them. Then they shared out what they found. Time then for Easter baskets. I wanted to tell them the reason for Easter but they were so excited at this point there was no point. So eyes covered and Granddad brings in the baskets. Excitement.........I filled Tristens with goodies other than candy.
 photo 0b0c16f3-9ed5-4667-bb70-a0484380b46d_zps0acec513.jpg
I was happy that they shared the candy. Tristen was given enough for a couple of days and every one sat and examined each others baskets. Just little trinkets so that it was not all candy.
Here they are looking at the treasure trove.
 photo e8d50b78-c579-40e0-97ef-49a39f05f11e_zps9173ab4d.jpg
In Tristens was a small book. The story of Easter. SO, after it all settled down I was able to read them the story of why Jesus came and how he gave up his life "Did they shoot him?" says Tristen. I told them the rest of the story and why and they listened. As I finished was back to the baskets and all was forgotten. Ah well, I tried.
Dinner was a success. The kids actually ate dinner and did well. Miricle of miricles. We say prayer at a family dinner like that and Tristen likes that. He is sweet when he says grace but I hope God has a sense of humour. This time though I did get chance to remind us all that its not about rabbits and eggs and candy and things like that.


NanaDiana said...

You are so right, Janice, to tell them what Easter is really about...and not that it about a big bunny. I heard this kid in school answer that They crucified Christ and on the third day the stone was rolled away and the Easter bunny came out. kinda funny-but kinda sad!

We had a wonderful Easter with all the kids. A time of fun, family and memories of other Easters. We don't do a lot of candy so it is not too crazy- xo Diana

Kay G. said...

Good for you, talking to the kids about what Easter is really about. It might seem as if they didn't really take it in, but they will know what is important to you and then, that will become important in their lives as well.
Here's hoping, right?
Take care.
Kay xx

Magic Love Crow said...

I think this turned out to be an excellent day ;o) I think in their own way, they were listening ;o) Love the pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)