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Friday, October 24, 2014

Flu Blues.........

Well this has been a right old week. I had a cold for several days last week. What a waste of time. You know what I mean.? Day one is all wet and watery, day two is explosive with sneezing and coughing and day three is usually an exhausted fog of dried out orifices and cracked skin

 photo a01e334e-914b-4ce1-b8fe-ba5f560d3dc8_zps7b212b12.gif
.........well by Sunday I was pretty much over it on day four and feeling not so bad. Just tired.
Monday morning I am up as always ready to get Tristen ready for school and Gerry took him as usual. I was to pick him up at 11 am. Or so we thought.About 9.30 I started to feel cold. Really cold and shake, then really shake. Shake so much I must have rattled my fillings and loosened a few. I could not stop. I walked around but was too unsteady to do that so after cranking the heat I sat under a blanket with the heating pad, I was shaking so bad it was hard to breath. I called Gerry to come home to pick up Tristen. Lucky he can do that.
I just could not warm up, my hands were ice. By the time he got home it has lessened but I was still ice cold, I felt like my body was in shock. Probably was as I never feel the cold. I hate the heat but that day heat was my friend.
 photo e1157d4f-3e1a-42bf-96b3-76cfef969d19_zpsdf26025f.jpg
Well that passed and although I had a few more cold spells none were that dramatic. By 8 pm I was so tired I went to bed and I practically slept for 24 hours.
Next day no better coughing a bit but mainly just so tired I could not stay awake. Gerry took  care of Tristen and I slept pretty much into Wednesday still with fevers. Yesterday I got up pretty much beginning to feel I might live. I actually was hungry. I secretly hoped that at least this had been good for my weight loss program. I ate cereal because I could not face real food. (been eating eggs and sausage for breakfast) that was pretty good. Gerry brought my coffee in before leaving for work. Laura had been picking Tristen up and taking him to her house so I could sleep. Well one sip of coffee and well lets just say there was not a lot in the sink when I was done. I admired the specks of noodles that was about all that was there except water. Somehow the stomach had already taken care of the cheerios and they were safely being processed. I did actually feel quite bright after that and another  nap to recover.
 photo 21e5596e-3816-4bd6-b116-828d5b253416_zpsd751b50e.jpg
I feel the wolf at the door........So here its is Friday. I think I might live.............Tristen has a cold. Jeepers. Is this what winters going to be like this year. I was not sick at all last year. I did have a flu shot last year but have not been in to see the doctor yet this time. I guess that will teach me won't it.
I still feel like I have feathers in my chest that make me want to cough. I just need some strength now.........and with luck I can get back to doing some things I like to do.........after I clean that house that is.


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I am so so sorry to learn you have been so under the weather. That's not fun at ALL.

Hope you are feeling stronger each day. Remember water is your friend - wonder what your temperature was to make you shiver so violently? Bet it was super high.

Do take care, rest and lots of liquids - get well soon.

Mac n' Janet said...

Glad you're doing better. I've only had the flu once, but I do remember the alternating chills and fever.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope you feel better soon! I got my flu shot already and am hoping to avoid it this year as I have in the past.