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Friday, June 5, 2015

To work and more...........

I have been very slow on my blogging of late. We have been busy one way or other. What with the health issues, colds and flu and the emotional turmoil of family members. I don't know, there was not a lot of positive things to write about. Mainly I suppose I have been busy with other things. Well today Laura came over, it was a gloomy day and we had planned on going for a walk. So Tristen suggested going to see Granddad at work. Hmmm, not a bad idea. I could pick up some rocks.
So we thought we would do that. Laura wanted to see the houses and so off we went.
 photo DSCN4583_zpsuon2ju7j.jpg
Tristens feet hardly touched the ground, running hither and yon checking things out. Well Gerry got his brother Tim to give Tristen a ride on the back hoe.......I thought his face would crack he could not stop smiling.
 photo DSCN4581_zpscrnlb9kz.jpg
 photo DSCN4578_zps9djawbsm.jpg
Tim was filling in a hole and so Tristen got to see how both sides of the thingie worked. He was enthralled.
 photo DSCN4579_zpsdcmwbzsp.jpg
Gerry was about done with work so Tristen stayed and went home with him. He loves to ride in the truck so that gave Laura and me a chance to do our thing on our own. We started off going to Moomers. We had not told Tristen we were going or else I think he would have come with us. Anyway we bought some quarts of icecream to take home.
 photo DSCN4584_zpshusjiipl.jpg
 photo DSCN4585_zpsvprih8rw.jpg
Happy cows. Notice the fog in the farm picture.
 photo DSCN4586_zpsu9j7l00m.jpg
We ate our icecream and then stopped at Gallaghers on the way home. They had fresh asparagus and I wanted some brats. Oh boy were they ever good. I got cherry ones and had those for supper with the Asparagus and some squash. So tasty
 photo DSCN4590_zps2uoysnmt.jpg
I love the local farms and markets. Fresh meat from happy cows. At Gallaghers they live in a large pasture and eat real good food natural to cows. No hormones or supplements etc just as it should be. Here are some babies enjoying lunch
 photo DSCN4592_zpsrpelvuqt.jpg
One of the older ones came out of the barn and was rather put out that I was taking pictures. They all wandered off to the pastures.
 photo DSCN4593_zpsq0shsuyc.jpg
The meat etc is more expensive there but I am thinking maybe I should buy less and buy better. I hate that the cows die but no matter how I feel about that it will happen. So maybe I should buy from the farms that practice humane farm practices. Besides that the meat tastes better and is better for us. I am thinking I will be looking around for better purchases. I know we can buy 1/2 a cow or pig. I used to do that, back then I got stuck with all the pot roasts at the end, but now I am a better cook and know how to do pot roasts haha. Think that maybe the way to go.

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Noelle the dreamer said...

Always nice to catch up with you Janice. This will be my third trip home since December 2014 and it is not always possible to connect to the Internet but I do not forget you!
I happened to be at Enghien's castle when the bluebells were in bloom just like in the third photo of your banner and I thought of you.
God bless,