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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Beautiful October Day....................

I can't believe that we were on the beach on a sunny and warm day in October. We had lots to do at home this weekend but it was too nice of a day to waste doing chores. As we were watching Reina today it seemed like a good idea to go out for a drive. So off we went. First we stopped at Gallaghers Farm Market. Tristen wanted to go play, we had intended stopping anyway. I was going to get some vegetables and fruit but decided I didn't want to wait in line this time. So I went back to find the kids and look at the animals.
 photo A_zpsbtuh1cuc.jpg
The crops looked lush and beautiful. The kids had gone off to play so I went to visit the pigs. I have come to love pigs. Two were fighting, both wanted the food at the same time. The black one was frisky and was bucking and hopping with joy. I feel so sad for them. Such intelligent animals.
 photo a4_zps18qxtwce.jpg
There were quite a few kids there and the parents didn't seem to care that they were chasing the chickens. Poor things. I yelled at a couple of them despite their parents.
 photo A6_zpscd1rfewz.jpg
 photo A7_zpsx19f0xat.jpg
So off we went out towards Maple City and one more stop at the park to let the yahoos out
 photo A8_zpsxqdbek3a.jpg
Then off to the beach. It was wonderful, just a few people around. It was hard to believe it was so warm for an October day.
 photo A11_zpsxurcvwcw.jpg
I walked the beach while the kids played in the sand.
 photo 104_0330_zpssvqwtfdi.jpg
I found a few Petoskey stones and some other pretty ones. Didn't look too hard, just enjoyed the peaceful walk. We had to make an emergency stop for Tristen. Who did not need to go while we were at the park where there were bathrooms but five minuets into the woods lucky we have toilet paper at all times

 photo 104_0322_zpscrtfcqdg.jpg
After the beach we headed for home but when we went by the Yak farm (I had taken pictures on the way past) there was a tour bus there so we stopped and went in the store
 photo A10_zpszhgbjwp3.jpg
The man there would not let the kids near the fences so they could not see the Yaks any closer. I had stopped on the way by to take pictures. One little baby was so cute and did a couple of mock charges at me.
 photo 104_0315_zpsr75azob8.jpg
 photo 104_0314_zps54jrtfjj.jpg
 photo A9_zpsadsr8laq.jpg
The man said it is a working farm and they dont encourage people getting too close. I understand that, he said there is a bull in the field. Still we didn't know that when we stopped and one of the cows came up to the fence and was very sweet. She had her name on her ear tag.
Well it was after 4pm by then so we made a stop at the Hayloft on the way home. Here they are showing off the little Yaks I bought at the store.
 photo A13_zps9dczzzos.jpg
The people were not as friendly as those at the Alpaca farm, not at all welcoming but they had a bus load so maybe that was shredding their nerves. None the less I bought some little toy Yaks for us. The wool is so soft.
All in all a rather nice day. Even if Tristen was loud and obnoxious. Sigh!!


NanaDiana said...

Looks like Tristin had fun...and he is just THAT kid-loud and that is how he enjoys himself.
I don't like going places where the owners/operators are not friendly. If they don't want people there they should just close the doors..that is just my humble opinion.
I bet you were tired at the end of the day--that is a long one.
Blessings -xo Diana

Marianne7Sevens said...

I enjoyed your day with you! How lovely that you have so many things to see and do. I wish I still lived near the sea - I really miss it. When we lived in the east of the country, the Irish Sea was just 3 fields away from my kitchen window; I spent ages looking out, instead of getting work done! We haven't seen the sun for a few days but we were in Galway earlier in the week (John had a diabetes appointment) and the weather was great. We sat by the sea afterwards and had an ice cream - wonderful weather for October; but that was the last time we saw the sun, sadly!

Merlesworld said...

Looks like a great day out.
Great swing shot.