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Friday, May 6, 2016

Off for a walk.....................

I picked Tristen up from school yesterday and he asked if we could go for a walk. It was not in my plans but hey, the kid wants a walk then lets go.
It was not that warm but I figured if I was walking then it was warm enough. No coat. We walked down to the river and I saw a Loon fly by, that was a surprise. I took my camera, not a lot going on so I figured why not. Well when we got close to the Old Library, Tristen remembered that there had been a train show there. Well that was in December but the Art center was open and he wanted to go in, so we did.
He was very interested and the picture he is looking at here was made of paper that had been drawn on and cut and pasted. We decided we could do that.
 photo 103_4225_zps1qkbjdcg.jpg
I certainly want to do this for his room
 photo 103_4213j_zpsqmhewhlo.jpg
He enjoyed looking around and touching some of the wood and textured stuff.
 photo 103_4218_zp
He decided we can do this too. Paint stones.
 photo 103_4220_zpsldpkh1mk.jpg
There was some nice things there. I has asked if I could take pictures. Well we mosied on to the river disturbed a Bunny and a few Chipmunks.
 photo 103_4245h_zpsxav0t8ag.jpg
They were clearing brush, so we had to take a detour.The chippy enjoyed playing with some hollow logs.
 photo 103_4234_zpsf9viix8t.jpg
The path was closed so we went the other way
 photo 103_4235_zpsvd2wdhli.jpg
Tristen saw these and liked them. Daisies like in Dads lawn
 photo 103_4237_zpslnobo8co.jpg
View of the river. Everything is changing. They are now building on the other side. Someone will have a nice condo or apartment overlooking the park and river.
 photo 103_4246_zpsbigpeiy0.jpg
Tristen got to run and play and stretch his legs.
 photo 103_4240_zpswnrwer8s.jpg
 photo 103_4241_zpsq6ebqrdd.jpg
I got to take pictures. Some of the gardens were pretty. Tristen had to unload the wood chips from his shoe.
 photo 103_4252_zpstafdnryf.jpg
Lots of Spring flowers
 photo 103_4250_zpsj2skmxgl.jpg
 photo 103_4253j_zpsem7espne.jpg
 photo 103_4256a_zpsuo5sz9u7.jpg
 photo 103_4255_zpsfqwmevca.jpg
 photo 103_4211a_zpsnzc0sgwt.jpg
 photo 103_4210_zps5pnnbati.jpg
It's a nice neighbourhood. Lots of lovely old houses close to the river. We wondered who lived in this little hole in the tree.
 photo 103_4204c_zpswi1uyjvu.jpg
By the time we got off of the river path he was hungry and asked why we had walked so far. was HIS idea. Besides its only a few blocks. The river is on 6th st and we live on 9th.


Kay G. said...

What a pretty Spring where you are! Buy me one of those condos, will you? Looks like a nice view! LOL!
Kids are so funny, aren't they? Loved the shot of him getting the wood chips out out of his shoe! Take care and enjoy that boy, they grow up so fast.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a gorgeous day! Great pictures! I love all the cool art!!! So happy you and Tristen had such a nice day!