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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jason's Move.....................

My son Jason has moved to a new condo. It seemed to happen rather quickly. It has been a long time since we moved but it always seemed such a lengthy process. I suppose it was for him too but looking from a distance it seemed that he was concidering it and then he was moving. In any case we went down last weekend to help with the heavy stuff. He has spent time back and forth packing and moving bit by bit. Now he has to get the old place cleaned up, painted and ready to either sell or get renters in. I think it is a great investment opportunity as he already has his mortgage.
We took Bodi with us because we were unsure of her staying here at home without us. She has a growth on her leg and we were worried about her. Gabby stayed at the house to handle everyone and the garden. We went to the old place first and Gerry helped move the bigger stuff while I moved the smaller stuff.
 photo 103_4940_zpstkd4s6zp.jpg
Tristen came too and was very good. Gerry and Jason moved everything Friday night. Saturday we started with the set up. Here is Tristen sleeping he had no problem.
 photo 103_4963j_zpsfowldxro.jpg
So the outside of the house (condo)
 photo 103_4959k_zpsifswxept.jpg
 photo 103_4956j_zpsvyqcbmy1.jpg
The road it is on.Between the houses on the other side is a pond and seats so you can walk around there.
 photo 103_4955_zpsflwpun3m.jpg
A two car garage. They keep up the outside maintenance of lawns and hedges so that's less for him to do.
The back view. There is a horse barn and a field back there beyond the pines.
 photo 103_4970k_zpssgmmylku.jpg
 photo 103_4953j_zpsywmdcajg.jpg
And a neighbour
 photo 103_4971k_zps227y7rgj.jpg
The entrance. It is so bright and cheery, he was able to put his plant there. This thing grew from a pit when he was very young and I gave it to him when he got his first apartment. Its still thriving.
 photo 103_4949k_zpszjd8syzu.jpg
 photo 103_4981j_zpsumevmo6r.jpg
The entrance leads to the living room, but on the right would be the laundry room and back door that goes into the garage.Then the basement stairs.
 photo 103_4952k_zpsahdhg2wx.jpg
On the right is the 2nd bedroom that he will use as a computer room. The guest bath is also there but not in the bedroom. Right now in this picture he has yet to sort and set up
 photo 103_4979_zpsfpl4qexf.jpg
The guest bath before and after. Gerry was able to install all the curtain rods and towel bars etc
 photo 103_4950j_zpszt8qdo3h.jpg
You cant really see the subtle colours of sage and grey, we found some hand towels that were navy blue and with the white towels looks nice
 photo 103_4978l_zpse2yzu1nt.jpg
I put his cat quilt over the 1/2 wall that goes down stairs. The basement is unfinished at this point but has large windows and will some day be a lovely addition.
 photo 103_4980k_zpsozbydjzg.jpg
The kitchen is nice, the cupboards and appliances modern. He has been busy gathering new bits and pieces for that.He had yet to put stuff away.
 photo 103_4941l_zpsqzawmngu.jpg
Then the dining room leads off of the kitchen and living room.
 photo 103_4943j_zpskm8mzs7k.jpg
 photo 103_4942l_zpsklzhjx6r.jpg
It has a fireplace
 photo 103_4944_zpsn040tafa.jpg
He is using existing furniture.It was coming together even though we had a matress on the floor still.
 photo 103_4982g_zpsct0mr6n3.jpg
Cat alley behind the sofa
 photo 103_4983_zps6dv1npao.jpg
The dining area leads to the back deck, that is nice and spacious
 photo 103_4973k_zpsitm747i5.jpg
Setting up, best we could
 photo 103_4975k_zpsmcmycbwi.jpg
 photo 103_4974j_zpsaxdrzkom.jpg
Master bedroom and bath. Nice size room with a very large walk in closet and linen closet.Lovely bay window that looks out onto the street.
 photo 103_4945k_zpsxxxvp58h.jpg
 photo 103_4976j_zpsvksqutf9.jpg
That was not finished when we left he was still unpacking stuff and setting up
 photo 103_4947k_zpsn4xhnqui.jpg
He says Cole likes the seat in the walk in shower
 photo 103_4946k_zpswknf5srx.jpg
Well I think thats it for now. It will be interesting to see what he does with it as time goes on. There is a lot of decorating potential with the high shelves and places to put collections.
Cole finally came upstairs to see us, he and his brothers Dexter and Tinsel were hanging out in the basement. I didn't blame them.
 photo 103_4967_zpsaatf7qoe.jpg
I am very proud that Jason is so self sufficient and can make his own way. He did most of the move with no help from anyone. We were glad to go down to help finish up. He has a good life there, I may wish he was closer to home but know he is well able to take care of himself.


Kay G. said...

Oh my, this is a gorgeous condo and a beautiful neighborhood! You should be happy to know he is in such a great place! :-)

Magic Love Crow said...

Way to go Jason!!! Great place! Very nice Janice!!! Cole is so cute!! Big Hugs!