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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dinosaur park.......................

This past weekend Tristen came home for the weekend. Laura H dropped him off Saturday morning and we were to take him home Sunday afternoon. Well it rained all day Saturday, so what to do? We had taken out his piggy bank. I had needed change for my yard sale. So We emptied out his piggy and what we did was give him the amount to spend at Toys R US. Actually we gave him a bit more so the day was saved. He chose his toys and was happy for the rest of the day.
 photo 101_0526_zpsv6eoyjip.jpg

 photo 101_0524_zps198fu7vt.jpg
Sunday turned out to be a lovely day and so I called ahead to be sure the Dinosaur park was open, it was and the weather was great. So I called Laura to have Reina ready and off we went. It is a 3 hour drive over to Alpena. Wow, it sure does not seem so far when I go with Edna. Edna says that's because we are yapping all the way. Gerry is not a talker. The kids dozed off so it was a nice quiet trip out. We got lost a couple of times, well not exactly lost, we just had to turn around a few times.
When we arrived they hit the floor running.
 photo 101_0621h_zpssnd2hr9c.jpg
 photo 101_0585_zpssrysvgib.jpg
 photo 101_0583_zpsbcn0kca2.jpg
This one got the boy
 photo 101_0612jk_zps3sahjm9i.jpg
But he got away
 photo 101_0613h_zpsfxwwwnur.jpg
I personally though the models were rather cheesy but the kids loved it.
 photo 101_0617h_zpswrkabfpu.jpg
They were so wound up they made it around in record time I think
 photo 101_0592_zpsvtcarf5q.jpg
They were just so excited.
 photo 101_0590_zpsfttznfei.jpg
I also bought a pass so they could do the mini golf. They whizzed around that too they were eager to get to the shop.
 photo 101_0636_zpsjxlovmyh.jpg
They didn't slow down even at the golf.
 photo 101_0637_zpslhxwhkcm.jpg
They just wanted to get to the shop. Posing here with Paul Bunyon and they have their chosen stuffie.
 photo 101_0651_zps6iylr0ti.jpg
We stopped at KFC and bought something to eat before heading home. Tristen wanted to go back to our house. He said my house is home not Laura's house, but that will pass soon enough as he settles in. I am not sure when he will come again. Time will tell. It's his birthday next week and I am sure they will have a party for him. I have had a party every year so far, so this is sad too. I won't be going this year and neither will Laura. We will just have cake and ice cream next time we see him and get him a gift then.


Merlesworld said...

Great photos, the park looks like a lot of fun.

laurajane said...

Lovely pictures Janice,nice memories to hold.I do feel for you all.Your grandson must be very confused.I do hope it all comes good in the end.x

Magic Love Crow said...

What a fun day! I am so happy you got to have some time with Tristen! It must be so hard on him! I know it's very hard on you Janice! I hope everything works out for the best and everyone is happy!!

Kay G. said...

I also wish the best for you all! I must be a big kid myself, that park looks like fun to me!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Grand day with the children, what a fantastic park !