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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tis The Season..............

So every year I have made it my project to put away all my "stuff", pack it in boxes and store downstairs. My husband brings up the Christmas stuff. I do this the weekend of Thanksgiving. If I don't do it then, it hardly seems worth the effort. I really did not want to do it again this year. No Tristen, so what's the point? It's so much work, what normally took me the weekend, I strung out over the whole next week after Thanksgiving.
Well, I like it so that should be the point, but so much effort, but now it's done, it was worth it. I thought maybe I would just put up the tree. That's what I did last year. However, this year we have even less money than last year, thanks to someone who will remain nameless but dragged us to court. So..........I thought maybe I would share my Christmas stuff instead of giving gifts.I really have some pretty things. and a lot I have made over the years. So............Gerry dragged up the boxes.
 photo 102_0177_zpscirugxgj.jpg
As you see there are many boxes.
I gave our tree to Laura as they didn't have the money this year to buy a new one. Gerry put it up for her because Robert was not home. I have several smaller trees so I figured I could use one of those.
 photo 20161205_102706_zpsrtusukul.jpg
While we were sorting out the tree situation, I figured I would also give her 1/2 of my tree ornaments as well and also things to decorate with. That unloaded 1/2 my stuff.
When I put out the things I kept I wondered where I actually put everything before.
Indeed each year I decorated every room. I managed to do the same but with 1/2 the stuff. It still seems full.
 photo 20161205_102658_zpscrkideol.jpg
 photo 20161205_103002_zpspxpjbf94.jpg
 photo 20161205_102651_zpsviqnvewi.jpg
I found that all my knick knacks needed a good wash, so it seemed a good idea to go through with my plans. When I put everything back I more or less do my Spring cleaning. So that is a good reason to continue with my tradition. Now I have less to put away and can get it all in one place. I will know where everything is. I cleaned out the storage area. Something I have wanted done all summer. So yeahhhhh!!!!
 photo 20161205_102729_zpsnoqeb13w.jpg
Anyway. I did decorate every room after all.
 photo 20161205_102713_zpslcnnfnp6.jpg

 photo 20161205_102941_zps0qd1og17.jpg
 photo 20161205_102948_zpsh9hojk2b.jpg
 photo 20161205_102933_zpsjqx9o1r4.jpg
as you see, the dining and kitchen also
 photo 20161208_131256_zpsti0howze.jpg
 photo 20161205_103125_zpsbzo3n3f0.jpg
 photo 20161205_103024_zps2oln7msb.jpg
 photo 20161205_103027_zpsmdclee46.jpg
I had to get a picture of Bessie eating her lunch. She has not wanted to go out since it snowed
 photo 20161205_103034_zpspfhnceer.jpg
 photo 20161205_103145_zpsgrpxig6h.jpg
I don't have a lot of counter space and so not a lot in the kitchen.
 photo 20161208_131508 1_zpsqy6jsg6t.jpg
Even the laundry and downstairs loo gets a little attention.
 photo 20161208_131458_zps7ibaulc5.jpg
The entrance too and Boots loves to lay on the heater
 photo 20161208_131451_zpsyvnfwhkt.jpg
 photo 20161208_131447_zpsrgxprn5o.jpg
 photo 20161208_131433_zpsqpuj9g2c.jpg
I am glad its done. I also want to do more outside this year. I did manage a few and will show that on my Garden Blog


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous Janice, making your home look so warm and inviting.
I'm not putting a lot out this year, since I'm still in recovery from my broken ankle. But still you have to try don't you .
Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and all the very best in the coming new year.

Kay G. said...

Why, your decorating for Christmas is gorgeous! You would laugh and laugh if you saw my meager attempts at Christmas decorations!
Take care if you have to go out into any of your snow, I would not be able to walk in that stuff!

Magic Love Crow said...

Your house looks fantastic Janice! Well done! Your plans are working out great! With giving things away and cleaning up as you do! Enjoy the snow!