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Sunday, January 15, 2017

I was thinking.............

I was thinking today about taking pictures. I have always loved photography. My Uncle Ray really enjoyed it too. He was Mums youngest brother. It's funny how some things seem to run in a family. Is it hereditary?. In some ways maybe. The artistic gene? He liked to paint as well. He didn't do a lot but turned his hand to it now and then. He did a couple of pictures that Nan had displayed on her wall at one time, birds as I recall. My Dad was "crafty" he could turn his hand to most anything. He was curious I think. He once said that he wanted to be able to do anything he set his mind to. Well, that's me. I just want to know how...............
 photo PhotographyCamera9_zpshf7t4zia.jpg

Ray got more into Photography than I ever could have. He liked to develop his pictures and experiment. Colour was new then. Imagine that. Before that he would hand paint black and white pictures.
 photo 906f88b9ac33d91691acdd9d5552b195_zpsrckkarqp.jpg

Anyway.............another interest was planes. He loved airplanes. Also quite new when he was small. Goodness that makes me feel very old. His first car was a hand crank one so there, and his record player was a wind up. I have one just like it. For memory sake. I collect old things that bring back good memories for me, the Phonograph and Old Radios that remind me of my Granddad and life at my Nan's house.
 photo 445225d62f50bed019e389fc34ec3f83_zpsergjjjlp.jpg

Anyway. Ray has a son Mark. Now Mark and his daughter Briony like photography too. Mark is very good and so is she. Thing is now, for us it's all digital. I love that. Instant gratification. I take pictures on my Iphone and send it straight to my computer or where ever I want to send it. Apparently I can do that from my camera too. Boy would Ray have loved that. Now we can also fiddle with the pictures via our computer, add things, take things out. We can change the lighting and colours, we can add words. So much fun.That's one of the things I am doing at the moment.
 photo apple-iphone-7-iphone-7-plus-review-7-970x647-c_zpsmndcch6u.jpg

I love computers and I like to play with the codes. I have pictures where I have made my horse wink. I have added snow or rain falling. Ray would have loved all that. I bet my Dad would have as well.
One of my chores is getting my old photographs onto my computer. I did that with my digital camera but now I will try again with my Iphone. I think I can get a better picture with that. It's easier to hold and position than the camera is. That will be my next project. I am excited at all the changes taking place in the technical world.
 photo s-l300_zpsqbj68uq9.jpg
How my Grandfather would gasp at the thought of cars that drive themselves. I hope to God they never do that with Airplanes. I bet Ray would get one of those drone things though and although I personally don't like the idea of them being in the hands of the public, imagine the pictures one could take. I have a clear vision of Granddad Seabrook, leaning on his gate at 785 watching for cars to go by. I distinctly remember because I would sit on the wall and watch him. Maybe 3 or 4 cars now and then. That road now is bumper to bumper and to think we used to "collect" licence numbers as a hobby.
 photo parrot-bebop-drone_zpstpozmpgu.jpg
To think that in my lifetime, born 1946, things change more in one year than they used to in 100 years. My parents saw the first cars, the first planes and so much more. Not a lot changed until Bill Gates and his lot began the computer thing. I had always worked with and around computers since I began work at age 15. The computers took up a whole floor almost. When people said some day people will have their own computers, well, what on earth for I said. Even when the first computers came out I could not think of one reason to have one. Here I sit writing this and not being able to imagine my life now without one. The only thing about dying is missing out on the fun, the things that people dream of and what comes true. It is also scary. When I first studied the Bible it was impossible to imagine the part in Revelations where we were told not to take the mark of the beast. Not to have his number on our hand or forehead. That some day we would not be able to buy or sell without the mark. Now it has become a reality, it is even a great idea. A chip with our social security # under the skin, like a dog has. A minute chip with all our information on it. Well that's going to be tough because we can not take that and then what? well continue reading Revelations. So in some aspects I may have lived long enough.

 photo the mark of the beast is not only a chip..._zpsigmp2twg.jpg
Anyway, this is what I was thinking today as I took pictures of birds in the back yard. I am sorting and copy righting my pictures and that's taking me a long time and I am amazed at the detail and quality of pictures. Anyone can be a good photographer these days. Not like the "olden days" What we take for granted now, some genius had to think up. Much like back in the days of Babel, when God had to step in and bring man down a peg or two............where will it all lead?


NanaDiana said...

What a thought producing post. My dad was quite old when I was born (53) and he went from horses and buggys to crack cars to a 1969 Buick I think was the last one he bought. He said he never would have believed when he was young that one day man would actually walk on the moon (and questioned whether it was real when he saw it on TV)...Where is the DUST on take-off, he asked~

I think that is kind of scary about the chips under the skin but I think it is coming....a truly unsettling idea to me.

God bless you- I hope you are doing well and I hope that Tristen is doing okay. xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

Life moves quicker these days and we have so much information at our finger tips, is it better I like it but not everyone does.

Magic Love Crow said...

A very good post Janice! Makes you really think about things! I know even in my life time, I have seen so much change! Don't know if I really like it??