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Friday, May 19, 2017

Walking in the woods in May................

Laura and I have been out and about a few times but it is always so nice to get back into the woods again. We took a nice hike on the Clay Cliffs trail just outside Leland. It was too chilly for the beach so instead we decided on a woodland walk. It was wonderful listening to the birds. We saw Scarlet Tanenger and Grosbeaks. I forgot my camera, can you believe that?. Has to be a first. We were intending on breakfast first and had not quite decided if we wanted to venture out after. So............we went to Rounds for breakfast and then with a very full tummy headed towards Suttons Bay. We wanted to stop at the garden shop that sells wonderful glass stuff, Bayside Gallery. It was on the way there I remembered the camera. We still had not decided what else we were going to do so no worry. The glass items are incredible.
 photo 18486247_10155269451529761_975224361455073692_n_zpsbqyznhms.jpg
I can't afford any at the moment but love to look. Inside is even better, some really wonderful glass items. However, I did get some ideas while snooping around. I am going to make myself some wind chimes made from drift wood. I also got a few other ideas. Why buy what I can make myself. Right? Mine won't be copies, just using the idea of materials. I will also repair some of the old ones I have.
Anyway, after that the weather was holding on and warming up a bit so we left Suttons Bay and went towards Leland and Lake Leelanau. On that road there are a couple of trails, we chose the Clay Cliffs Natural area. There are a few trails there, we took the short one that led to the overlook.
 photo 18581564_10155269455029761_3022901060787945442_n_zps9qyghikx.jpg
 photo 18446913_10155269452399761_3691298386161674693_n_zpsomeeyett.jpg
There were quite a few birds that we don't always see, The Grosbeak was having an argument over a female it seemed, they were very vocal in their arguments
Then we saw the Scarlet Tanager, hard to miss that pretty bird. Sure wish I had my camera then I could show my own pictures. I bet if I had it we would not have seen them.
 photo rb_grosbeak_garytyson2_zpsbfgwzwbu.jpg
 photo ScarletTanager_zpswzlu4wli.jpg
Walking in the woods was beautiful. The Trillium was out and Jack In The Pulpits.
 photo 18446913_10155269452399761_3691298386161674693_n_zpsomeeyett.jpg

 photo 18485667_10155269453949761_3499766420338743641_n_zpsefrcrsbc.jpg
Several other pretty flowers the Yellow Trout Lily and Dutchman's Britches.
 photo 18447309_10155269456739761_5502774424985353846_n_zpsk74gtsjy.jpg
 photo 9413237-large_zpspf0c1kpl.jpg
The Wild Geranium is pretty and I have that in my garden. I bought that one. I have a few other wild flowers in my garden. Many years ago I dug some up. It is now against the law to do that, you have to buy them. I understand the theory but it seems silly that you can't dig those beside the road where they would die anyway. I would like to put some wild leeks in the garden I would not think anyone would object to that. I would like to get some of the yellow and white Violets too, I sure have enough of the purple ones.
 photo 18485901_10155269457644761_1543910178160998648_n_zpsjzanb5ab.jpg
 photo 18527538_10155269477239761_449969227325319508_n_zpsnkcxibyi.jpg
Anyway, the woods were very pretty and we could not believe the number of Gooseberry bushes we saw. I wonder if they are native? Or how did they get there. Some I can imagine came from old farms but not up there in the woods surely? I will have to research that. I just bought a Gooseberry bush for my garden too.
 photo 18447472_10155269475729761_4547184228927337139_n_zpshg05jva8.jpg
Last time we did that particular hike it was a hot day. This day was calm and the water was beautiful looking down, so clear. We saw what we think may be an Eagles nest. We often see eagles when we are down on the beach at Leland and this is not that far from there so maybe it is, or an Osprey? Did not see anyone home so will have to wait to see.
 photo 18485558_10155269459694761_6096359492136728298_n_zpsgbgrc9tn.jpg
 photo 18556258_10155269462104761_7988749665381628282_n_zpszzpvcqih.jpg
I spotted one Moral mushroom, could not believe my eyes but we decided to walk first. By the time we got back down from the hike we were too tired to follow up on that haha. So that Moral got to live another day.



NanaDiana said...

Janice, It looks like you had a wonderful time---even without your camera you were able to find pictures of what you were seeing there. I felt like I was right along with you.
I am so glad you were able to get out and make the walk and enjoy it...and that it was warm enough to do it.
I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your creations. That glass shop looks really interesting. It is amazing the things people can make into art, isn't it?
Have a blessed weekend- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day Janice!!! I can't wait to see what you create!!! That shop looks fantastic!! Hope you are enjoying your Spring with your gardening! Love the picture of you! Big Hugs!