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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Three Kids together...................

First of all a story about Cooper and I am so sorry I have no picture for this one. Cooper had been very naughty and wore his mother down. So I thought I was being nice telling Gabby and Tony to go off for a meal together and I would see to Cooper. Won't go in to the proceedings that got us to that point but anyway. Cooper was sent to bed so all I had to do was keep him there. No small task I might add but all went well, he cried for mum and I said too bad she has gone out with daddy so go to sleep. Lights off and doors shut. I went to bed at 12.30 because they had not come home yet and I was nodding off. All was quiet. Heard them come in around 2.30am and went back to sleep. Well...........apparently date night did not go well as they ran out of gas and had to walk home. The lights were on downstairs. When they got themselves sorted out and back home again it was to find Cooper asleep on their bed............the room was a disaster, he had got into Gabbys makeup, got it all over the mattress, the carpet and his body. He looked like the tin man after covering himself in silver cream shadow. We didn't know any of this till later but Gerry saw him come up to the bathroom. He asked what the heck Cooper had got into and I could not think what it could be. I knew he was asleep when I went to bed. They were pissed off at him to say the least and were apparently scrubbing carpet etc till 4am. they had a reprieve and we took him with us. We had Tristen for the day/night and Reina had asked to come over while Laura here we all are.
First off we stopped at Gallagher's to get a pie and some donuts. I also got some bread
 photo a_zpsexj9wcfp.jpg
I thought we would go to the lake but they wanted to go to the Dunes so that's what we did.
 photo 105_0209_zpsskoh3b6h.jpg
They went up twice..........that dune is half the size it used to be. Now you can see way back, you can even see the spot laura and I sit at the top when we hike in.
 photo 105_0208_zpsuqqasuht.jpg
At the top.......and then to run down and roll
 photo 105_0214_zpsbdbnin7u.jpg
Thought that would wear them out but oh off to the park. I thought I might walk on the beach at Empire but the water was up to the rock barrier. No beach and what there was further down was packed. So the kids played at the park and I took a few pictures.
 photo 20170805_154453_zpssxi1es1h.jpg
 photo 20170805_154622_zpshhi27ayj.jpg
It will be nice when the tourists all go home and we have our beaches back.
 photo 20170805_155105_zpswzb7vxzs.jpg
The water was so pretty even so
 photo 20170805_154315_zpsg9t6ef2c.jpg
The kids were really good, Cooper was better than we ever expected after the last few days. We stopped at the Hayloft for supper.
 photo 20170805_164433 2_zpsde5hovoe.jpg
Cooper had popcorn chicken, Reina a chicken finger dinner, Tristen a burgher and we had Burrito's .................not as good as usual but we were hungry so it was OK. I didn't complain. Our Margarita's were not good either so they didn't charge us for those. We didn't drink them.
 photo 20170805_163534_zpsr0rycfnh.jpg
Hi mum. Cooper got his hair cut by his dad today, probably got all the makeup out haha.
 photo 20170805_164757_zpsnj6kwpqt.jpg
Then they wanted quarters and I found out why after the fact
 photo 20170805_170825_zpslyxlxn0n.jpg
So that was our day. This morning Tony told us about a garage sale so we went over to that and I got a couple of scooters for the boys at 2bucks a piece and a Pogo stick. That should keep them busy. Right bow Reina and Tristen are on the front path riding the scooters. Cooper was soaking in the tub, sure wish I had got a picture of his Tin Man rendition.
Up early tomorrow because we have Ryland. Brody and Blake for the day. Brittany has a strange schedule. Well that will be 6 kids in the house so pray for me haha.Reina and Tristen are spending the night. Should be a riot.


Laura Rodriguz said...

What a day!!! Thanks for taking Reina along, I am sure she had a better day than if she had stayed home while I worked! <3

Diana Kosmoski said...

You are a good soul, Janice. Cooper sounds like a handful but there are always one or two of them in the family. We have one little one like that, too. She is always into something and so darned cute that it is hard to get mad at her. lol

Hope you have a peaceful evening- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Cooper was a bad boy! Wish I could have seen a picture! LOL! A fun day you had with the kids! Great pictures! I hope you did well with the 6 kids! Big Hugs!