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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miracles in Action.......

Miracles in action is a group of wonderful people who devote their time and energy helping those less fortunate.


My friend Lois started to go with them many years ago now, down into the jungles in Guatemala. She flew down with them the first time and her husband stayed home. He did not like the idea of flying over the jungles but now he is retired he goes too. They then take jeeps up the muddy roads up into the hills packed up with supplies. They build hospitals and houses, school rooms and put in water lines. Lois teaches the kids crafts and plays games with them. They just love their visits out there. I think she now goes at least twice a year. Ken has been going with her since he retired and works on the buildings. In fact they spend 6 months of the year there.
This organization puts every donated dollar to work for them, none of it goes to funding and managing. Here is a link.

They send detailed accounts of what is done with the money. So if anyone has issues with some of the charities that seem to be wasteful these days. This is one that you can trust to use every penny you give.
I asked my kids to donate to them instead of a gifts for me. They do a great job and its certainly worthwhile. So much can be accomplished with so little in these countries. We have so much we can afford to be generous with time and money.

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