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Thursday, July 21, 2011



This is my great grandson Tristen enjoying his breakfast. Today its scrambled eggs with a slice of toast and butter, applejacks and his juice. He is watching his "show" Behind him is is blankie, and his two prize balloons. Right now he is obsessed with balloons, one came from his auntie Emily's birthday party.
Tristen is the center of my world right now. His mother died in February you will see her in this blog, I still miss Alexandra. She would just love to see how her "little man" has grown. He is so full of himself. He will be 2 in September and they are just so primitive at that age. If they want it they want it now, if they want to do it they just go ahead and do it. They are exploring the boundaries and pushing them. Pushing us. Seeing how far they can go. They can go from a smiling charming toddler to a whirling dirvish in a matter of seconds. I am enjoying every moment.

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