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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a thought...................

Why do people hold on to a grudge?. I could never see the point. My mum was kind of that way, she would be mad at you and not be speaking to you. I would forget. I would be yacking away and being ignored, it would take awhile for me to remember. Oh yes.....the silent treatment. Maybe I just could not be quiet that long, or maybe I was more like my dad. Dad had been a prisoner of war in Japan. He did not hate the Japanese. My mum did. She never forgot what "they" did. My Dad would just say they were soldiers doing what they were told to do. He was too, and had his own demons. Mum seemed to think that they single handedly made her life difficult. My dad apparently was not the same man when he came back, as the person he was when he left England to go to war. She never forgave them for that. She took things personally you see.
I am glad I am more like my dad. I see no purpose in being angry all the time. What good does it do? Who does it hurt but yourself and the ones close to you.......I say forgive and forget if you can, but at least forgive and work on the rest. People who hold on to slights real or per-sieved are unhappy people and life is too short to carry such a burden.
I have been called a Pollyanna but I don't care about that I at least am at peace within myself.


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Danielle Rose said...

Nanny! I can leave comments now! Anyways, I think I'm the same way regarding grudges. I never really saw the point. Crap happens.