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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Terrible Two's..............

Oh Lord save me from the terrible twos. I have seen the mothers of other little boys go through this. Tristen is about to turn 2 on Friday. So today he was a little pistol. He is tired from a weekend of fun at auntie Laura's house. That's great, I like for him to have a great time. Trouble is he goes to bed late and does not take his normal naps. This week he has refused to take a nap or stay in his bed. The big boy bed had been put back to a crib as of tonight. All day today he had been getting out when he was supposed to sleep. We put him in a pack and play after a bit for his nap but that did not work either.Tonight the rails went back up after he refused to stay in bed. He still got out. Gerry did his usual evening play time, got him to bed and no sooner come back down that the door was rattling and banging. That was when we did the crib. I sat with Tristen as Gerry got the rails back on he was fine and wanted to play. Off to bed he went and we came back downstairs. Big thump upstairs, his room is above the living room and back at the door he was. We put him back in. An hour of screaming and getting out. By 9pm I went up and calmed him sat with him and got him to sleep. I crept downstairs and low and behold a little person with blankie in hand is coming across the floor Nannnie Nannie and laughing like he expected to stay with me for the rest of the I had Gerry get some warm milk and take him back upstairs after reassurances from me and screams from him, that time he stayed. He has to be exhausted. I know I am.
Now I pray this will not happen every night because that is what the other mothers have experienced. He needs to be in his own bed and he needs his sleep and we sure need ours. That way he wont be cranky during the day and neither will I. So what do we do? Its not so easy to take my own advice. I tell myself this is different, but its not. I know what I have to do but its so hard. I find it so difficult to be tough with him and the little twerp knows it too. He just smiles at me and I melt. I am supposed to be a grandmother, I am supposed to be able to spoil him rotten, I am supposed to hug and kiss and not repremand and punish. Its just not fair. I am not his mother but I have to be his mother. It breaks my heart. I raised my own kids and was tough and could quell them with a look. I did OK with grandkids too come to think of it but this little boy is different. He is just so much like his mother when she was small and I miss her so much.
Tomorrow is another day. I will do what I have to do with God's help. I will try and toughen up and raise him right. I will try to do better and give him what he needs from me, love as well as lots of hugs and kisses but..........I will also be firm when I have to be. Just please Lord dont make me have to do it too often OK?


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