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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year 2012................

New Year is really just another day isn't it? We always see it as a new beginning though.Maybe that's a good idea. Certainly not a new one.
I would say the best New Years Eve I spent was in London many years ago. I would guess it to be 1965. I was living in London at that time and some friends and myself all went to Trafalgar Square. It was awesome, waiting for the countdown and the striking of Big Ben at midnight. They do it on the river now but at that time Trafalgar was the gathering place. There were people in the fountains, in the trees and sitting on the lions. After the countdown everyone had to rush off to try to get the last trains home. There were so many people racing for the subways that you could literally take your feet off the ground and be swept along. They ran over the car tops to get to the trains in time. I had to get back to Putney Heath and then up to Wimbledon. It was a very exciting evening. No one drank or did dope it was just pure energy and high spirits.


I don't know when they began the fireworks show on the Thames Enbankment, but now that's where the big event occurs.


Some day I would love to be able to walk along the Embankment again. I remember the nights when I could walk along there at night and be perfectly safe. I love the place. I don't know what New Years Eve would be like now but it looks quite wonderful.

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