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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Walk by a quiet pond...........

It was hot again today, its been that way all summer. We decided we would try a short walk in the woods and see how it was. Gerry thought it was not so humid. I beg to differ but gave it a shot. I called Laura and so we met her and Reina at Silver Lake Park. Gerry watched the kids at the playground while Laura and me went for a walk. We decided to walk around the edge of the pond. It was nice and calm and we hoped to see some wildlife being as the kids were not around to scare it all away. Well there were no birds to get pictures of but it was not too unpleasant considering. 100_0552-1 The pond was covered in waterlillies and they still had a few flowers. 100_0540-1 waterlil There were still some flowers in bloom too but we really didn't see a lot. They complain about invasive species but I wonder...........isn't that really evolution at work. 100_0547-1 Still a few milk weeds in bloom although I think any butterfly's who intended to eat them are all done by now. 100_0543-1 The Autumn colours are beginning to appear. This Golden Rod is pretty and my Dad used to grow it in his garden in England. Here its a wild flower 100_0570-1-1 The Sumac is blooming and is also the Fall colour scheme. 100_0571-1 I was so pleased to see this one, I believe its called "Indian Paintbrush" I have not seen it very often. 100_0553-1 We went back into the woods having seen a few frogs along the way........this little guy was happy to pose for me. Isn't he pretty? frog1 We were so glad to get back into the shade of the woods 100_0555-1 There we came across a pretty little Garter snake. Isn't he cute? 100_0558-1 He didn't bat and eye or flicker his tongue. I bet he was relieved when we left him alone. snak From there we hit open meadow and boy was it hot by then. We didn't see any other wild life they were smarter than us and probably taking a nap in the woods. These are all my own pictures. I amlinkng up with Outdoor Wednesday to share my day.


Cindy Adkins said...

Great photos, Janice. I love frogs and toads. The shot of the woods looks so calm and peaceful. I sure hope we have a break in this heat soon.

NanaDiana said...

What nice, clear pictures. I have one friend that asks me to warn her if there are any snakes in my pictures- she is petrified of them-even of their images.

Blessings to you - sounds like you had a great walk- xo Diana

laurajane said...

Wonderful pictures,You have an eye for a good shot .
Keep cool.
Laura xx

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

Fantastic pictures of a very beautiful area. I even like the look of the snake, from this safe distance!

Betty said...

Hi Miss Bluebell,
Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner. Your photos are amazing. I love England and I would love to visit again. Check out my page about my trip to England and Scotland. I would love to see the Western part of England and also visit Wales. Have a safe trip. Where is your home town?

A.satubuana said...

very nice article. thank to share.. i love it.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I so enjoyed this quiet virtual stroll around the pond, thanks for your recent visit to my photography blog.