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Thursday, August 2, 2012

To the Park............

We took Tristen for a drive. It was a cooler day than it has been so we figured we would just have a look around and see what we could see, He was a little grumpy at first but soon got into the swing of things. I want to try to make every day of his life a special day. I know that's impossible but well he will certainly get out and about. First we just drove in the direction of Maple City. We decided we would go through back roads and see what we could see. We stopped at the park out there for a break. First of all we must check the swings for rain water and bird poop........he was right on that. Photobucket Lets climb next 100_0348 Little boys must get out that energy. He was running from one thing to the next. Not quite as much fun as when Reina is along but he did OK. 100_0349 Down the slide and on to other things. 100_0350 Tristen loves to throw balls and things, he loves to play ball. If none are available then a rock will do. SO throwing a stone over the net was fun for him 100_0351 100_0353 Well he is still "potty training" and so we have to remind him to let us know when he has to pee. SO...........Gerry showed him what little boys get to do when out walking in the woods. Or when its necessary to go outside. He loved this. first find a good spot 100_0354 Then get ready......Gerry of course is just talking not actually showing him. Photobucket We left the park and drove around a bit on the way to Cedar. We saw these two ladies out catching bugs. 100_0369 We stopped in Cedar at Pleva's market for some Polish cherry pecan Brats......they are awesome bratscook1 I walked over to the ice cream shop and Good boys get a cone with wonderful rainbow sprinkles on it. 100_0371 Now does he look like he is enjoying that or what? 100_0374 He was one sticky little critter by the time we got home. 100_0373 But he had a great day out and so did we.................notce he is wearing different clothes. Well Gerry was showing him how to wash off his feet at the park, but Tristen is not good at following instructions and he turned on the old fashioned water pump and it got him right in the middle. We had taken an extra set of clothes with us, its always a good idea.

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Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

He certainly had a great day out. He must have been a very good boy to get an ice cream like that!