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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is it summer yet?......

Its been chilly. Unusually chilly for May. We only just got plants for the garden and have had to worry about frost. I suppose I can't complain because on the East coast they have had snow. Other places have floods, then how can I complain that it's a bit chilly here in Northern Michigan.
Tristen is with his auntie Laura for the weekend. He should have had a good time. They took their boat and went to a campground where family were camping. He has a great social life. I stayed at home and worked in the garden. They post pictures so I know what he is up to for the most part. Here he is being um spoken to.....wonder if its a repremand?
 photo 152ad34f-e323-42d4-9efe-40d05ebbabe7_zpsddeebe03.jpg
He went with his Auntie Laura and his grandma Laura to the NMC BBQ. They had all kinds of good things to do. Here they are in the bouncy house and climbing the wall. Looks like a lot of fun.
 photo 656c5260-5210-41ba-a66e-52a747ac369e_zps86edad7e.jpg
 photo 5793ba7e-3af1-41ae-9189-1e1f7e6ef1fa_zpsc4da8728.jpg
He seems to have a great time when he is away, we miss him though and he is always glad to be home. I was baby sitting for my granddaughter Gabrielle the other day. Her little boy Cooper is such a lovely baby. He is quiet and so undemanding. He sleeps and eats and gurgles and smiles. I took a picture of the boys together. Cooper and Tristen...........I can see they will be a pair as they get older.
 photo b5529d45-882f-47aa-bcbc-f6f3aaf33505_zpsc0aa79ac.jpg
Cooper is not sure he wants that much attention from Tristen but well.....Tristen cant wait for him to get bigger. Here he is trying to get him to look at him.
 photo ee9f77de-31d6-4132-9daf-361cd445fdef_zps84d31092.jpg
So they are my two great grandsons. I feel very fortunate to have lived long enough to know them both and if I am very lucky I may even see them grow up.


LV said...

Nothing more precious than a child. Your Tristen is precious. They do enjoy getting out with others, most are ready to come home after awhile.I have a great grandson that I wish I could see more often.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great fun pictures! We have been really cold too, but now we are suppose to get into a heat wave at the end of the week! Uggg!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, The pepperoni dip is good and no, you don't add water, if you want to make a 9x13 pan of it just double the recipe. I made it for a cookout Sunday and it all went!
Your great grandbabies are just beautiful, I know how you feel about being able to see them and be part of their lives...such a blessing!

Zoe Byrd said...

They are both so beautiful. You have to love how Tristen showers his brother with attention.

Linda said...

How wonderful to have great grandsons!You are indeed blessed. (My older two grandsons are in their twenties now and as yet unmarried. We are also blessed to see our six grandchildren growing up).

Cindy said...

I love this picture of your grandsons. I have grandchildren, and I've gotten use to saying 6 girls, as of Feb 11 past I finally was given a grandson, I was amazed at the resemblance but then all babies look like bundles of joy to me. Enjoy