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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lets go for a walk............

When I was young and growing up in England, we spent most days outside. As soon as we got up we were out the door and off over the fields. Farmers did not mind people on their property and there were so many footpaths. Walking was a way of life. We would rather walk than catch the bus unless we had a place we needed to be. I was an only child and my parents used to take me on walks on weekends when possible. Most of the time I went on my own or with a friend. It was a time to explore, to learn, to appreciate nature.
I think that even now, "Rambling" is a national pastime. The UK is made for it...........with its ancient laws of freedom to roam it makes it easy. People and their dogs a healthy lifestyle.
Dunstable Downs and Whipsnade Downs from Ivinghoe Beacon - the White Lion carved on the hillside marks the location of Whipsnade Zoo.
 photo f083e2b9-38ed-4f5c-98b5-5a61c73bbc79_zps1802f073.jpg
This is my territory, I know this land I have walked a lot of it. Back when we were children our parents seldom knew where we were or what we were doing. There was no worry. Footpaths even through open fields are easy to see, and usually clearly designated.

 photo d7e5761b-0b45-4273-a98d-9e350993d095_zps369c686f.jpg
One thing I love is that when one walks on these paths they are not new, these are paths that have seen the Romans and the Saxons before them travel through here. Grimm's Ditch follows some of these walks. Grimm's Ditch is a series of linear earthwork in the Chilterns the purpose is lost in time. There is one part that is obvious and deep and I knew it as Devil's Dike. The Chiltern Way is a footpath through the Chiltern Hills running through 4 counties.
 photo 549af2c3-3a2c-4a5d-a520-5f9397a9ce9c_zpsc038245b.jpg
Another thing about the English, the weather does not stop them. Thats why we have umbrella's and rain wear tucked away in our gear. You can't let a silly thing like rain stop the fun. Maybe those days can be used to walk in the woods.

 photo cf7b2f86-4b00-45c0-9f19-21fa0af2576d_zps22092b0f.jpg
There are many conveniences in place to help in your rambles, stiles or kissing gates to allow access to fields without letting out the cows or sheep.

 photo 23d7ecd8-d46b-449c-9afc-abc1b211ce55_zps673badd7.jpg

When I was going out with American guys from a nearby base, I was sometimes asked "what shall we do?" I might say "Lets go for a walk".........that would be greeted with raised eyebrows and a "Why would we do that?" response. Apparently the people I dated back then did not see walking anywhere as a pleasure.
For me, it has always been a pleasure at least when it involves fields and woodlands or beaches.

 photo 7c214457-d7f6-4927-a8a9-e9c7c4802eb0_zps80da7796.jpg

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Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I love this post.

Anytime I watch films from the BBC - most especially period films - it shows people walking where they need to go. Love that.

I do need to walk more. I sit way too much.

Your pictures are gorgeous. Makes me so want to visit there!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Great photos Janice. Ex-RAF hubby says the Malvern Hills were his to roam anywhere growing up!
Walking was a normal part of life and I can still recall Granny clearing the table and say 'Time for a walk now'! Then, we went to school a half day on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we looked forward to walk the paths, same for Sundays only then the whole family went along.
Changing times Janice sigh...

Anonymous said...

I love those kissing gates!!!
We are walkers, its therapy!

Merlesworld said...

I understand walkers, as a child when we had visitors we would often go for a walk. I remember walking around my city as a teenager and our harbour and beaches, I have never learnt to drive so I still walk but not as much as I am getting older but I have noticed that a lot of the young people like to be driven everywhere they have become dependant on the car and don't venture out without it.

Marigene said...

Awesome photos...England is so beautiful, all that gorgeous green!

Have a wonderful week...

Karen Traversy said...

Lovely post! Thanks for visiting Bridgit's Bell!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love walking! It's the best ;o)