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Friday, December 6, 2013


What are dreams? you ever think about that? I do. I have some amazing and puzzling dreams. I know they are in colour and they are sometimes like a movie. It's like I live another life inside my head. Is that me?.......I mean is the person in my dreams my spirit/soul? How does my mind process in pictures my thoughts. Does a blind person dream in the same way. I am serious, I don't know. Well I just researched that. I guess it depends. SO....back to what are dreams. My dreams are vivid and in colour.
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In my dreams I can fly, I can swim under water and breath. It a glorious feeling, is that our natural state? Should we be able to fly? What if?
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That is sort of how I feel sometimes. We are born into the world knowing nothing and not knowing we know nothing, we trust our mother without knowing what trust is. Yet even babies dream. Dogs dream, cats dream so I would imagine all animals dream. About what? It cant be all about our life experiences. I have dreams about a particular person, a guy, I don't know him in life yet I meet him now and then in my dreams. I recognize him, I love him I think.
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I dream of houses. I used to dream of my grandmother a lot when I was a kid and of her house, although it was not really her literal house I know in my dream that its hers. I used to dream of her when I was sad or in trouble. I knew she was someone to go to and was the rainbow over the hill. Now I dream of her home in a different way, I know its hers (but its not) and I seem to have this thing about antiques. There was a house I found in my dreams and its attic was full of antiques. Well I have been in other dreams and have known that I have this furniture tucked away somewhere, so in my dreams I remember from one to another.
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Sometimes my dreams are about my every day life but not often. Peopled with people I know or have known and I can tell why I am dreaming about what I am because it has come up during the day. Thats unusual though. I wonder really if we work things out in our dreams. That may be true sometimes but I am not sure I believe in symbolism. I mean I dream of snakes because in my dream I am in a place where I would worry about snakes like in real life. I dream of horses because I love horses. I see nothing symbolic about them, they are what they are.
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Anyway I am questioning reality..........since my sister in law just died. When a person is in a coma where does she go. Is she dreaming or is she drifting beyond this world? Is she getting ready for eternity or is she just "not there" What is the mind, thinking, dreaming, is it "US" our spirit/soul the real me. So that when I die that part of me goes back to where it came from before birth. When does it enter the infant, at conception or first breath. It was not until God breathed life into Adam that he became a living soul. it upon that first breath that life enters us. Then what are we before that? Just a possibility?. Sigh!!!! What about when we have dementia? Do we drift off into the past? Do we meet with old friends on a differemt plane so that it becomes less desirable to return to this world? Are there different realities? God said he saw us in the womb, he knew us before the founding of the earth, so we must have always existed on some level.
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I am a Christian and so I do believe there is a life after death, that there are other realities I just can't quite figure out the connections. I know I am not supposed to but still I find it very fascinating and so death to me is the ultimate adventure. I am thinking a lot about my sister in law and I wonder if she has met Mr Mondela,I suppose its possible but I would think that its rather like the airport on a busy day........probably takes awhile to get through customs haha and he was a day behind.


Merlesworld said...

I just enjoy my dreams when I remember them so far I have never had a repeat, they are always different and not many nightmares.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Dreaming is such a personal thing Janice, I would be reluctant to speak of it but I am a dreamer, oh yes, I am that!
Thinking of you and your family!
Wherever she is your SIL is in a better place.
God bless,

Magic Love Crow said...

Dreams are there to tell us things, and we should listen. Dreams are there for us to figure things out. Dreams do have signs in them and we should be aware of them. Dreams are amazing! They tell us so much! I believe death is apart of life. We keep living, but in a different realm. We are never truly a lone. We are all connected ;o) Great post my friend ;o)

Arija said...

I wish we could have a long, long talk about the topics you mention, preferably over half a dozen Irish coffees.