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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shopping, when did food become so expensive?..........

So today was a fun day. Tristen was in a great mood, he was actually a very good boy woo hoo.
First thing this morning after my husband replaced the battery in our van. (why does everything go at once?) We went grocery shopping, I am of that generation who keeps their larder stocked. I have always done so. I think its partly me being a pack rat and part the fact that if anything happens we have enough food to last awhile. I am very uncomfortable when the stock gets low.
 photo 7d250cf5-566b-4f4f-93e8-1d44710b9c4f_zps8469bfe2.jpg
Well that is not my pantry but mine is more stuffed than that. When I had small kids and the world was an uncertain place I kept everything on hand. Well its still uncertain and I still have small kids but I am not so worried by the world anymore. Here in Michigan though we can get cut off for a few days with no power so its best to be prepared.
Anyway, today was the big shopping day........we went to Sam's Club. It came to way over 500 dollars. The girl said "is that a years worth" I said no just a month. Sigh!!! When did food become so expensive? My normal grocery bill is around 400 for the big shop and then we go to the corner store for fresh veggies and whatever else we run out of. My big shop ensures that I have everything on hand to make from scratch recipes and dinners plus a couple of quick meals. I divide the meats up into dinner size meals. When the girl asked me how many in my house and I said just 3 adults and the child. I wondered how we could get through so much food. I was also thanking God we had a card that we could use and not have to worry about not being able to go. Yes I complain about the cost but am truly grateful that God provides when we can not.
 photo a04e1cb4-72f5-4cb1-b9f8-4094b6b2c927_zps142d61b8.jpg

In fact, I feel bad that I even complain about cost. I find that no matter what happens whatever our loss, things seem to even out. We never get ahead, that's true, but always, some way, some how things work out. SO I can not and will not complain. I think I said in a previous post that we have damage in the basement from a broken water pipe. Well, as it happens our deductible is 1000 so with all the damage I am sure that we will not get what we need to repair things. The good part is that my husband can do the repairs himself to save cost. We should get just enough to pay for the carpet and drywall thats about it. SO even though we won't be able to replace the bookshelves that fell apart because of the wetness..... we really didn't want to replace them anyway. I got rid of all the books. It would be nice if it works out that we get just enough to buy a new printer though. That just quit working well as the car battery. Just because the ceiling in the dining room is now leaking with the melting ice sigh!!!.......I am sure by the time we can fix that (when the snow is off the roof) something will come up, you just wait and see. It always does. So I Praise the Lord that things are good even as things fall apart around us. Roll on Spring.


NanaDiana said...

Janice- You are doing such a good job with your home and family and Tristen. You really are. I don't know how we do all that we do sometimes, either-but we do- we get by and make do and are lucky to have all that we need as we need it-when we need it. God bless you- you are such a good soul- xo Diana

Arija said...

Janice, I have come to see that God always provides. I too am a hamster, ever since livn through a 2 year famine as a child after WWII. I like to have a stock of dry goods to feed the family for a year and grow enough staples to be self sufficient. My mother lives through two WW's and two famines, luckily, I was only exposed to one of each. All my life I have felt protected and now thank God every night for the plenty we are provided with.
At present we are sorely in need of a new tractor to be able to continue working the farm and $55,000.00
is one heck of a sum to scratch together but I firmly believe that somehow it will be made available. We just have to have faith.

Magic Love Crow said...

You are so right Janice! Everything seems to happen at once, but it does always work out! You have to keep positive! 500.00? Wow girl, that is a lot of money! I hope it keeps you for awhile! Big Hugs ;o)