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Saturday, February 15, 2014

water in the basement...................

Dan went to the store last night. He returned after maybe 20 mins and announced there was 1/2 inch of water in the basement. There was too............
 photo e4d372bf-fcc4-47e3-aef7-2636f2e2a6e5_zps43bfb9fe.jpg
The problem is Dan's room is down there. Also my library/bedroom. My bedrooms always have someone in them one way or other. Either the girls (grandkids) are staying over when my daughter works, or my older granddaughter when the weather is bad. So its rather inconvenient.
A pipe in the wall broke. We had to find out where the water was coming from first. The insurance company sent a team over to clean up. They pulled out the carpet and took the paneling off the wall. we have big fans going to dry off.
 photo 4097c494-53a2-4ed4-9c8e-cc0ae935cfaf_zps7ad9469d.jpg
Today Gerry and Dan brought up all the remaining books. The guys from the clean up packed up a lot of them and brought them up yesterday. So then they brought the bookcases. I am sending those over to Laura along with a lot of the books. I have always wondered how I would get rid of the books. Something I could not envision. I love my books. Well.........this was it. 16 boxes so far to Goodwill. Laura took about 6 boxes so far. I still have to go through the boxes that the guys packed up to see if I want to keep any. Its so hard getting rid of them like this. At least the ones Laura has I can borrow. I figure I will replace the others as I feel like reading them again. Till then I only kept a few.
 photo a9f2e24f-bad8-4a36-b696-9f682357ce65_zps3f9764d0.jpg
My house will be a mess for awhile. I have things sitting everywhere. The good side to all this is that I got everything out of under the stairs storage. Also out of the closets. So, my Christmas stuff has reappeared. I can organize it all now. I will find it next year when I want it. That will be sooooo cool.
 photo 6abe7e93-3e48-405d-9e88-37b2bd56ccc2_zps705da521.jpg
Meanwhile my basement doors are off, the paneling on the wall is off and the carpet is gone. There is also a large storage area in the furnace area of the basement. I really want that organized. Now it may be possible.
The homeowners insurance should replace the carpet and then we can paint down there. It will then be a real bedroom again instead of a library. I should be able to find things. It has given me incentive to get rid of a whole load of other stuff that I was procrastinating about.
 photo 7895650e-bd27-4f54-a95b-f19bf45e3975_zps20ea3bbc.jpg
This has put a damper on my baking efforts for now but we will get back to that soon. I am excited. Redecorating woo hoo......Every little disaster that comes along has its bright side. You just have to look for it. Maybe this is what I needed to get things moved out of here. I was down there a week ago trying to decide to get rid of craft stuff and that was a fail. I will now go back and be ruthless. Thing is, I can replace everything when I need it. I am always finding things at garage sales to do, or redo. So......maybe apart from my basket of gourds I will finally have the courage to get rid of things. Besides, my basket of gourds will look lovely sitting in a spanking new bedroom. It may take awhile though...............


NanaDiana said...

Janice- What an awful way to have to get rid of things. We had a leak from an upstairs bathroom not too long ago. It meant tearing out the whole room under it. It was our first insurance claim ever. Have fun redecorating. I have finally started getting rid of a lot of my books, too. It was sad but I don't want my kids to have to do it someday. I kept several "collections" I had but I let a lot of books just GO. Gulp-out they went to Goodwill.

Hope the clean up goes well and that you can get it all reorganized to your satisfaction. xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

I think it's leaky weather at the moment I have a leak in my kitchen at the moment and it pouring with rain outside we thought it was fixed but no such luck.
Hope all is well with you soon.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Speaking as someone who has had a foot of water in their basement, I really sympathize with you. It is good to take a positive slant; and even though you are getting rid of some treasured books, you will have a new rooms when all is done.

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, I am so sorry you are going through all of this! But, you have found the positive side of all of this! I am excited for you and the redecorating ;o) You have a lot of books! You are a true reader! I love those dolls on the right hand side, looking down your stair case! Take Care and have fun going through everything ;o) Hugs ;o)

Brad Wike said...

Oh my! I'm sorry you had to experience such inconvenience, Janice. How's your basement now? It's nice that you take the whole thing as a chance to sort out stuff. If this happens again, there are experts willing to give a helping hand regarding restorations. Take care.

Brad Wike