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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fall is starting to show.......................

Maybe its the cooler days, maybe its because I can't wait.........I love this cool air. I love the milder weather.
Today we took the kids to the park after we had been to Mennards and got some garden stuff. We went and picked up Laura and Reina, Gerry had the day off. We headed to the park. The kids were excited and Gerry watched them while Laura and I went for a walk.
 photo 2efe70f7-b561-4d48-b0bf-c0a71bbc38db_zps87200c5b.jpg
 photo a58a8f04-d5fe-40d0-b1af-89130b483091_zpseb09deab.jpg
We left them to play and took a short walk. I took some pictures as I always do.
 photo 4da62a31-fae8-437a-a845-65ac61f9ed99_zps61dbda7a.jpg
There are a lot of berries and if this winter is anything like last one the animals and birds will need them. Choke Cherries, Holly berries and then Blackberries and Raspberries. The Blackberries only just beginning to get ripe.
 photo ad1f8ee5-2a1c-48dd-be54-68be658c6059_zpsc7d4c98e.jpg
 photo 4dfc5f99-6bc9-4acf-a844-f73f22f468d4_zps941da0e8.jpg
The golden time of year, the Black Eyed Susan, the Goldenrod and then the Queen Annes Lace. So beautiful
 photo d2fe94d9-1d74-4a86-bfcc-8170e93fc6b6_zps12c56053.jpg
Then we see the Sumac is beginning to grow, its so beautiful close up. I love it when I find something extra in my pictures. See that little critter peeping out?
 photo eb9117a5-2796-4270-a70c-24d38170d136_zps32b16cbc.jpg
Later the Sumac will turn the intense rust colour but its new right now and a pretty shade of deep rusty pink.
Well, we only took a short walk. Things to do and it was lunch time. So home we went. Tristen went home with Grandma and Reina to spend the night. They both wanted to keep playing so now for a quiet evening and I am catching up on my blogs.


Marianne7Sevens said...

This is lovely, Janice! I hadn't actually visited your Blogs till just now when I saw your post in Facebook. I must drop by often. I can comment, although I don't have a Blog but do have a Google account.

Merlesworld said...

It's lovely and green, so dry here it's been a very dry winter.
The young fellow has grown.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great photos Janice ;o) I love that little critter ;o) Hugs ;o)