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Saturday, August 2, 2014

In praise of Bees...................

When the bees are gone we are gone. Its simple. We need them, they do not need us. They are the reason we have food to eat and if crops, fruit ETC does not get pollinated then it dies. Everything we eat is supported by the things they pollinate. Cattle eat grain and eveything else they eat needs polinating,
You all know that.
Bees are not harmful in any way. Don't mix them up with wasps. If a bee stings it dies. So with that in mind, realize its the last thing it wants to do. Many bees like Bumble Bees you can pick up and pet, don't because it may get scared and sting from fear. I am saying it will not come after you. They are gentle souls. I have one who lives in our old back door (actually not a Bumble Bee). I have been sitting next to him all summer as he comes and goes, So what is he doing in there? There is another bee who is smaller who lives with him. So do they have babies? I mean, will one day I see a little swarm of baby bees? I will read up on that.
 photo 85550b17-d0d5-4838-82d1-9241e43c4248_zpsf0915289.jpg
Look at how fuzzy they are, so cute.
 photo 6923543f-8131-481e-b254-378399da252f_zps9d3fbea2.jpg
So here are a few pictures of bees from my garden
 photo 9bbf20ac-cbf0-4e16-b1f2-5458076018da_zps78b56e82.jpg
 photo 890e274c-2f00-43e1-b673-9095bd53590f_zps0044fd9aung once.jpg
Now when I was in the garden the other day, I had an encounter with some ground wasps. Nasty little buggers. They had attacked Tristen a few days earlier. He recovered quickly but it hurt him a lot. Fortunately he only got one sting. The storm on Sunday brought them out of the ground. I got stung a couple of days later on my back and leg. They got in my clothes. I had no intention of killing them then. A few days later it looked all clear and so I was all set to work on the garden. They came after me again, 3 stings on my ankle and 3 on my hand. It is war!!!!!. I am not allowing them to go after my dogs, or Tristen. I can stay away but none of them know enough to do that. So..........I sprayed them. Didn't do much good so I have to form a plan B. I wish they would just leave so I can leave them alone.
Meanwhile more of the good guys.
 photo 9434a9cf-795f-48de-9beb-6b84e2d501e4_zpsf2e30e4c.jpg
 photo e0efad76-af47-42e5-ac45-cc39678ca6d2_zps030c4798.jpg


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I agree about the bumblebees and don't blame you about the wasps. They are always around our outside door frames and window frames and are forever trying to go into our siding. I have plugged up every hole I can, and no matter how much I spray they still come back.

What gets me is...they don't live for years, so how does the next generation know to come back to the same place? Ugh!

We will both have to do some research and I'll let you know if I find anything that works.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Well Janice, it seems we are on the same wave length! The past week encounter with a wasp (yellow jacket) has left me determined to go the drastic route: I asked son and hubby to dispatch the nasty things to *&%#*! The deed is done, no sign of them, Mac is saved (his immune system couldn't handle this), I can now sit on the porch again (hive was right under) and my ankle is better! Poor Tristan! I sympathize!
Hugs to all,

Magic Love Crow said...

I love bees too ;o) I can be working outside and they are buzzing around me with no problem ;o) You are lucky no one got hurt with the wasps! We have some living in our tree in the front! I have to spray them!
My friend just to let you know, I might be late coming around but, I will be here ;o) I got your latest post for your poem blog, but I just haven't got around to it yet, sorry!
Big Hugs ;o)