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Sunday, August 17, 2014

PowWow to Lighthouse................

Today was the last day of the Peshawbestown Traditional Pow Wow. We go there probably every other year or so. The kids can only sit so long and we also have to stand quite a bit for the entrance and the prayers, flags and so on. Good practice for the little ones to learn respect. It's a hard lesson.
 photo d6407ff5-71ab-4b96-975b-94e3075b584f_zps15e3d2f0.jpg
The drums are wonderful and you know, I have never been yet without seeing a hawk or was it an eagle circle overhead. This year there were not so many great costumes as some other times. It seemed like it was the young ones, the kids that had the beautiful regalia. A couple of older men were decked out in their finery. Other years have had some with beautiful bead work. Each time is different.
 photo 956ca2a6-de6c-4a35-b384-3e8013e30f54_zpsdb735207.jpg
The head dancers had lovely regalia. It is quite moving if long winded when they bring in the flags. Hard for little ones to pay attention and not wriggle.
 photo 1ec4f1c9-9654-441a-bd65-ed9e00105701_zpse7599001.jpg
 photo dd02cfc2-8b84-42ae-ae6e-7930dff1885b_zps558f1d69.jpg
 photo 7af48914-2060-4b10-805a-03115b276fba_zpsbee85190.jpg
The kids did really well all considered. I don't think they found it terribly interesting this year. So how do we handle kids and their mouths? Reina shouts out "look Mum Indians" shhhhhh we say, thinking she is being rude. So she yells "well they aint real Indians" So she is taken aside and given a little lecture because then Tristen pipes up Indianssssssss.........We cringe and the two ladies who were the object of attention are snickering. So what is the correct thing to tell our children. I mean you dont go around saying oh look a black person or oh look a white person. I always feel like as guests (and that is how they see us) we should have some sort of protocol to follow. I wish it were not an issue but it is. I want the children to grow up respecting all people and this is a difficult one. SO next time Reina says "Look mum Native Americans" grrrrrrrr. What we would like is for them to just not say anything its not a zoo. They are not on display. I can not feel my way around handling these things. Being from England its never been an issue (race) as it is here. I grew up with folks from all over the world, but in our little corner of Michigan, well its not cosmopolitan at all.These people deserve a lot of respect and I want to be sure that we give them that.
 photo 9d41823e-091e-40ad-8d23-aedcdeb04377_zps7455ce5a.jpg
 photo 914a6291-74ed-4016-a1fe-4f9020c922bb_zpse4aa55ea.jpg
We got some fry bread and food before we left and off we went off to Northport. We had to get the kids busy again after sitting so long. I got them each a dream catcher. They know the story of the dreamcatcher.
 photo 60cd8dfa-0c36-4d5f-bfeb-da67d3fef12d_zps869940fb.jpg
 photo e2598cd5-2d5f-4a7a-93a5-015276dc5080_zps527e77e8.jpg
 photo 7fae7a3e-c7eb-435c-86db-7fcd1159c775_zps98234f78.jpg
 photo f2887833-5aa7-4005-ba1c-90ee67312c76_zps4f262cfb.jpg
So this is the first time we have been to the Lighthouse this year. The water levels are up here too. The beach is actually gone. The land that leads to the beach is all rock at the tip of Leelanau county where the lighthouse sits. The plants that grow there are unique and beautiful. My camera was not focusing right so I didn't get too many pictures.
 photo 223aae6f-0324-486a-8b8c-7b322972c8f9_zps3ed43ff7.jpg
 photo 4b833909-581d-43c1-99db-34eb424f945d_zps4fe7e765.jpg
 photo 7a22b238-29fb-493a-8d91-152c416a8edc_zpsede96a77.jpg
I didn't select pictures of the ones down on the rocks but these were all growing up near the lighthouse. We got ice cream and a couple of things to occupy the little critters on the way home. A kaleidascope each and a sucker. Not that it kept them quiet but at least they had something to do.
Meanwhile I would love to get this in my garden
 photo 5c13700b-3320-4976-bdee-928c885836ab_zps61581632.jpg
Had to get a picture of this guy.....look at those eyes. He looks like a Mayfly but I am not at all sure.
 photo 26820115-831a-4404-a7a8-113c053879b7_zpsa5af953c.jpg
When we stood on the beach I felt like we were below the lake level and that it would come right in on us. Would not be down there in a storm that's for sure.
We let the kids play at the park for a short time just to let off steam before we got them trapped in the car again for the ride home.
 photo 9cb2b0eb-007c-4270-9467-2d1134319442_zpse6c43985.jpg
There are many lighthouses around the Great Lakes. It seems that inland fresh water lakes would be safe but they are not. The many many shipwrecks can attest to that. They should be given as much respect as the Sea, because that is what they are........inland fresh water seas.

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JOHN SHORTLAND, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

What an interesting post, Janice. It is very difficult to know how to approach the thorny issue of respect. When I visited a reservation I felt very much an intruder wandering about with my camera staring at everything.

Once in Lapland I put my camera away and just said hello and was invited into their tepee and tried on a wonderful wolf skin coat (not so great for the wolf!). It was a memorable experience and one that I'm sure wouldn't have happened if I'd been too intrusive.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day! I love PowWow's! I love when they open it up for everyone to come in and dance ;o)
The kids made me laugh! LOL! So cute!
That bug is adorable ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Kay G. said...

Great post, Janice, I really enjoyed it. I love the photos of the PowWow! I find the whole subject of the Indians or Native Americans is a book for you to check out...Indian Givers by Jack Weatherford...I think that is the author's name...I read it years ago but I thought it was a great book.
You live in SUCH a beautiful part of the country, you make me want to visit it!