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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reina's Birthday...........................................

Saturday, today, we celebrated Reina's birthday. It was officially on the 11th but we had to wait until the weekend. My gift was an adventure. Reina likes my adventures. Today's was to Pahl's country store out in Buckley. They have a pumpkin patch in the Fall and we went there one time to a hay ride. Anyway today was a trip into the woods to Santa's house.
 photo 6e0ab7ca-ff4c-4c9d-992f-244c97883a7a_zps5fa130c1.jpg
Today was 40 degrees, warm for this time of year and perfect for being outside. It was foggy from the mists coming up from whats left of the snow. We found our way though. We were just in time to catch the next tractor ride. Off to visit Santa.
 photo 1a094ed0-cce4-4aec-b387-2c3fff9bff9c_zps13d4756d.jpg
We do not encourage our kids to "believe" in Santa. That is not to say we do not indulge in make believe. That is fun and does no harm. We were explaining how the legend of Santa came to be, we told about St Nicholas and that he was such a good man and that  Santa is based on him. Tristen asked if he was still around and I said no he died a long time ago.
 photo 4a7d5608-7ae1-42cd-9a80-9d93916a7f83_zpsae0dfded.jpg
Here are Reina and Tristen waiting to go in and see Santa.
 photo 36ff0f14-fd7a-4ea2-9f48-99639b8326ae_zps5280607f.jpg
They did not really get enthused about Santa. Tristen said "you are not Santa, Santas is dead" I had to explain what we had talked about, I think Santa was a little put out haha. Santa said "No I'm not I am right here" Anyway, they were entertained and went on to hot cocoa and marshmallows. They got into that.
 photo 932aebd1-f1d8-447f-a83a-f0d0d40f9311_zpse8a95f6a.jpg
I even enjoyed the marshmallows and I am not keen. It was smokey and smelled lovely.
 photo 67696d2d-0557-479f-aae5-6c8c8343e739_zpsae91195d.jpg
 photo 5e78f18b-1686-40ca-a713-1d90972f991d_zps1490a046.jpg
 photo 3e47215c-ecfb-4d30-94a1-473d3c017d6f_zpse798fb59.jpg
We came back to visit the barn where they had small animals to pet. Goats and a pig, a pony and donkey and the roosters. A couple of barn cats were available to be petted.
 photo 4fb72920-5043-4b86-a4a8-3946b6a63a54_zpsa983a4d5.jpg
They had a nativity in the straw, a nice touch.
The next stop was the craft house and they got to choose one of three things offered. Needless to say they chose to decorate cookies.
 photo e2510ff5-2cc0-4ee7-981e-e09106f83dc8_zpsb1c34040.jpg
Apparently Tristens tasted pretty good
 photo 470852e5-0cc7-4586-8dab-f240de16063b_zpsddcd3da6.jpg
After that we went home to have cake and ice cream and for Reina to open her gifts. She was anxious to get back by that time.
 photo 75f9ac61-3ed1-46ba-9f52-3c84c07ac576_zps9d286bfb.jpg
 photo 034aaa1a-e414-4c5a-afab-cf33fd9bc52d_zpsdfcb049d.jpg
 photo d68552f7-8d55-4463-84ef-23e96bda9ffa_zps072e9e8e.jpg
Aunt Laura bought her a new set for her Pet Shop and so Tristen went home with them and they spent the rest of the day playing with that. Maybe they will sleep better tonight, they sure didn't get much sleep last night. Laura had to work so Reina spent the night. She slept in Tristens bed with him. He came in our room at 3am and said he and Reina were hungry..............I looked at the clock with unbelieving eyes. "Geeeeetttttttt baaaaackkkkk to bed" I said as the dogs all protested being awakend. He did, but they were up by 6am. At least we can sleep in tomorrow.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day ;o) I have to admit, I still believe in Santa, not "Santa", but the spirit of him ;o) I can hear Tristen saying Santa is dead! LOL! The cake is beautiful! 3:00am? Yep, that's too early! LOL! Hugs ;o)