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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time for glitter...............

After Thanksgiving Tristen went to his auntie Laura for the weekend. That left us with the whole weekend to redo everything. What I do is to take out all of my ornaments and pack them away. Then I replace with Christmas ornaments. I have collected a lot over the years. I gave away all the really old ones that mean anything to me. I passed them on to Laura.
It takes forever to pack everything away. Then decide what I want where. The last year I didn't want to put up the tree, so we bought a small one. I was able to put that out on the back deck this year.
 photo 9992b94c-656f-49ad-beb8-c45b866e5da8_zps0476e04f.jpg
 photo 6fbd7581-1e9a-46b3-ba54-0b3c46a01ec8_zpsc369333a.jpg
The tree is up and decorated. Tristen helped
 photo 78ad77fc-763b-44d6-848a-fe5a57d24093_zpsf3c6066c.jpg
We didn't decorate last year because he was into everything. This year he actually did help. He is five now. Its a lot of work to decorate the whole house, I enjoy it but, it gets harder to take the plunge. The next picture is our new entrance.
 photo 25d29b15-0fe2-419f-8f03-8ebbe2909f32_zpscc15cd8d.jpg
I had to move the chair out of the front room with the tree going in there. I have small trees in each room. On the other wall is the desk and coat tree.
 photo 78785973-908a-4204-b87d-12b9749b552d_zps1c359aba.jpg
The kitchen has not got a whole lot going but I covered as much as I could with cheer.
 photo 3a8cd585-a056-45b8-b5c7-620616d15452_zpse32184ea.jpg
 photo d39b6f17-dcdf-4cdc-86e6-9aeafd48f791_zpscddbdd88.jpg
The dining room has a lot more surfaces to decorate and all of them are covered with stuff

 photo e0f14211-a2a7-4768-8700-13ae4dcfc4a5_zps38899bd1.jpg
 photo 84539947-03fc-4e66-9a0e-ccf6e84c2868_zpsec9187ce.jpg
 photo b9b7a079-ce62-48d6-814d-63994b948849_zpsb070e324.jpg
 photo 33117954-4fcf-411f-b306-b38d0bfb19c8_zpseca8dc86.jpg
 photo 232ca1eb-a1f5-4d7c-9cce-a02c2a13f568_zps28774bb8.jpg
 photo b7a952d6-211a-496a-8619-9e49265690b4_zps26fdf34d.jpg

The living room naturally has even more surface to decorate. Since I took all these pictures we found another box of goodies downstairs. So at some point I will do a few updates. Bear with me here, way too many pictures.........

 photo 0736e520-d544-4803-b7bf-e32342bc6ac4_zpse55f9b50.jpg
 photo 82f83fd2-a3c4-4cd5-bdd7-cf07adb2b0bc_zpsf13f368b.jpg
 photo 09d1a905-7804-4bbc-ac80-c1613e20db0d_zpsd3f4fcaa.jpg
 photo 4e7a9e9e-6cc6-4e96-8e94-784c17cf6902_zps24573bc3.jpg
 photo 9ae8d01f-4373-46ba-9793-a6b4ad4dcb43_zps85d3de32.jpg
 photo 5c72a43a-9b22-48c4-b23b-0374b1f6ee7e_zpsefd93f07.jpg
The front room, where the tree is........
 photo 80c645c3-8e28-485a-bb50-7cf3a8a7689f_zps32ce6f79.jpg

Those pictures did not come out very well. I will do another post later on some inexpensive decorating ideas. I have done more since I took these. I have to do the front porch and back deck next but its been so cold I didn't get out there yet.
I also have to iron and put back the doilies etc........that might not happen haha.


Merlesworld said...

Yes you do have a lot of christmas decorations, it all looks lovely.

Marianne7Sevens said...

All looking lovely and festive, Janice! We're doing ours this coming weekend....or rather, our lovely son-in-law is doing most of the work, with lights etc. He's a real gem that way....he gets it all done so fast too!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your home looks gorgeous! I can see why it takes a long time. I,too, replace some ornaments with Christmas ones. I have a system of putting them in the boxes that the Christmas things came out of and then just switch them back. Lately, I have been "hiding" heavy pieces behind things as I am getting tired of taking them downstairs!

Magic Love Crow said...

Love all the pictures Janice!!! Truly do ;o) Your house is so special for the holidays ;o)