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Friday, January 23, 2015


What is boredom anyway? I am not really sure...........I know I am seldom at a loss as to what to do, mainly because I have so many choices. I do understand the feeling of not wanting to do anything, but is that boredom?. I don't think so. The dictionary uses the word "tedium" and that I understand when one has a chore that goes on forever same old same old over and over.
In daily life though I sometimes get restless, wanting to be back outside in the woods and fields. The winters are long in Michigan and maybe next year when Tristen is a bit older then maybe we will get some snow shoes or ski's?
 photo 7f9223bb-1132-4abc-bce7-8974d3c8d755_zps1800131c.jpg
OK so I don't get out much in the winter, not like that anyway. SO what to do when you have a 5 year old. First off he needs to "not be bored" and if he is happy I have plenty to do. Yesterday we took the kids to the Children's museum where they spent two hours playing. That for me and Laura was tedious haha.
 photo 1a1eeb5c-e784-4ac1-88e7-05313311f96f_zps74f7dd9e.jpg
 photo 0e9c1298-d533-4d2f-824c-6773898c29c2_zps6fee4812.jpg
Well we got through that ok and tired them out.
When Tristen is in school, right now only 1/2 days I can get my work done. Then in the afternoon I can read or paint/draw. I can do so many things that I don't sometimes know what to do. That is not being bored that is being spoilt for choices.
Reading takes you to another world, I have always loved to read. When Tristen was smaller I got out of reading simply because he needed more attention. Now when I pick him up from school I go early and sit and read.
After lunch I like to catch up on my mail and Facebook friends and then after that I can get into something else.
 photo 1742349f-345a-48fe-8ed6-63e3ce9a5e72_zpse79e305c.jpg
I like to do so many things, quilting, embroidery, crochet, sewing, knitting, watercolour and drawing among other things. I have enough supplies for papercrafts and just about everything else from gourds to basket making. Last summer I got into making garden ornaments. That brings me to my garden. I love my garden.
 photo 5317b4c4-0c31-44fb-badc-d83e6286e53d_zpsae47e4fd.jpg
I love photography and love to bird watch. How can I be bored? I can stand for an hour just watching the birds at my feeder and taking pictures. That leads to working those on my computer. Thank goodness for digital and free programs. I could go on and on but I think I made my point. Boredom is foreign to me and I hope it always will be. Some days, as I said, I don't feel like doing a thing but then I have my computer so................woo hoooooooo and of course my blogs and blogging friends.


Merlesworld said...

I agree we should have lot's of time on our hands but since i stopped work and my days are no longer controlled by the time of day they go much quicker and I like the amt of time I have to do as I want, I am enjoying my retirement very much.

Magic Love Crow said...

You're not bored girl! LOL! Hugs ;o)