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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Here in Michigan we are used to long cold winters with a lot of snow. This year has been different. We really did not get much snow until the end of December. Well here we are in January and we got our full share. I actually am enjoying it, mainly because I don't have to go out in it if I don't want to. Today would be wonderful for a drive as its sunny, very cold and crisp.........but we had a storm and the roads are bad.
Yesterday Gerry went out with the snow blower he had a lot of help from Tristen.
 photo 40f378bd-d56a-4ea9-b302-d2db5bfdc1d0_zpsd2240435.jpg
 photo dc7d5b48-1542-4545-bb73-a09f3d180069_zps7d472096.jpg
Tristen wants to help him, but, well as Gerry was going along with the blower, Tristen was going behind knocking down the banks. Gerry is shoveling so Tristen figures he is in charge of the snow blower
 photo e51d05e4-ef4b-4959-8c85-96cdcc3a08e7_zps99150652.jpg
 photo b212b454-ccab-4f4a-914c-91910ca4b886_zpsd76b87d9.jpg
It really doesn't take that long to do it. The drive takes the longest. It was still snowing and blowing and bitter cold but Tristen was glad to be outside even if Gerry wasn't
 photo 8ae4405b-47a4-46de-b808-3ff314268d85_zps23d4d20b.jpg
Look at his red nose. He wanted to push but it was too heavy with all the snow.
 photo cdb42a26-a044-45fb-bf3f-02412044b9ce_zps63640de5.jpg
The sun is out today and the birds are all happy and chattering at the feeders. I have had to fill those up 3 times a day this week. The Crows have got through two loaves of bread and I have been putting peanut butter on it for should visit my garden blog for some more bird pictures.

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hi Janice, I was thinking of you living in a state which has severe Winters, and here I am moaning about the cold, yet it made it to 50 degrees today LOL.
Glad to read you made the soup, and more importantly enjoyed it.
I eat cornbread, but do not crave it like my husband does, being a Southerner, myself I would prefer beans on toast :)
Stay warm dear friend !