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Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Day of Spring...........

Today is the first day of Spring. Our wedding anniversary. No, we don't celebrate it anymore. We are not the celebrating sort haha. He did get me a pot of Daffodils and some chocolates though. Tristen and me got him cards and candy yesterday. I bought my card and Tristen wanted to buy one too so......we did. I think its 45 years. Wow...........
 photo b4a57fe2-36aa-480c-bfde-0ca4a9871e02_zpsq0sslu6e.jpg
 photo 7082f468-92e2-4ca1-bf37-7427a2ca48e2_zpsxvcphzma.jpg
Anyway, Edna and I decided to get out for a bit. We planned on some thrift shops but ended up taking a ride to Elk Rapids. It was a lovely sunny day, windy and bitter cold.
 photo 63d5ebc6-8a28-4fab-b9ec-be0880516336_zps7lgzjycj.jpg
It was a pleasant drive. This land either side of this road, in summer has sunflowers growing. It makes for a spectacular view. The red barn survived another year. The land on the left is now preserved and has trails now open to the public. One place we will explore this coming year.
This is another nice barn and the view above it is Lake Michigan.
 photo 0d7baed6-d8a2-4aae-af12-3c136226e410_zpssg3suup3.jpg
The next ones are when we got to Elk Rapids. The lake is still somewhat frozen but is thawing in places now.
 photo 7b1b8362-05ab-4ed8-b994-e3eb06c5c483_zpsm8ygctf1.jpg
 photo d73a1f0a-6756-4470-8a16-66ddf7059bfc_zps9zuunko9.jpg
I love this pile of stones
 photo edc340cd-c630-4581-8b0a-77fea97361e9_zps37kwlxux.jpg
I cant say the town was deserted, it wasn't but its not the bustling hub it is in the summer months.
 photo 500f8c5d-d7cd-42d1-a9f4-78adb970936d_zpsjz9dt8mh.jpg
We went to a couple of antique shops, didn't find much that I wanted. The prices are so high. I did get some ideas for the garden though. On the way back we stopped at a cheese place. Manny's specialty cheese.
I was looking for goat cheese and Edna had expressed to desire to find a cheese shop. I knew of Manny's so we went in. He lets you taste the cheese so you know what you are buying. I did get some goat cheese called "Drunken goat" and three different English cheeses. So good. We had that for supper with bread and ham with pickles. Next stop was a bakers and we got fresh bread.
We didn't do so well in the Thrift stores but it was a nice day out and back in time to do some housework. A good day in the sunshine.
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Merlesworld said...

Spring is always welcome.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you both !
Looks like a lovely town, and a day rambling around the thrift shops is always a good day ;)

Jann Olson said...

Sounds like you had a fun time even if your thrifting and antiquing wasn't the greatest. Love the barns and the stack of rocks is so unique. Love trips like this! Whenever hubby and I head North or South we have a cheese factory we stop at. We love our cheese! lol!