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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Spring, a renewal.This year I have looked forwards to it more than most years. Or maybe like childbirth itself, you forget from one time to the next. Spring........everything born new again. I miss the Springtime in England. I miss the Spring flowers. I miss the lambs, the blue blue sky after such dreary days. I was reminded the other day of Harebells.
 photo 73905309-d2e3-4a64-ae00-42b6d5e5b562_zps49y9zxbn.jpg
I remember laying on the hills near by grandmothers house. A sunny day, clouds whispering by, drone of bees as they flit from flower to flower. Harebells. Delicate little things. I don't remember why I was laying there, but I remember it vividly. I used to walk those hills near her house often, in fact I would walk across the top of the hill to my aunts house. To get there I would need to walk through a small wood and along a field of cows. I wandered often and alone in those days. I suppose I would have been about 12 maybe. I don't really know. Time and age is meaningless when you are young. Maybe that was the day my friend Dawn was with me. I don't remember that much. I just remember the harebells in the breeze. A warm sunny day.
The little wood would have bluebells in the Spring and I loved that too
 photo 6fbd258d-3d80-4a28-803a-2d8557549885_zpsl7qwej03.jpg
I suppose most English children gathered arm loads of bluebells for their mums.
 photo 13ce2412-078f-4b5d-ad73-825628b49380_zpsmpgdgnmu.jpg
When you drive down English country lanes in the Springtime, the trees are a bright bright green. I would say lime but its not, it's a unique green of new things. With the blue sky and green coming to the tree tops the floor of the woodlands would reflect that blue sky back. In the surrounding fields new life there too in the form of babies, lambs...........what a beautiful sight that is. Innocent life. They are so full of joy at that age. Shame what is to come for them poor babies.
 photo fff1d187-daea-4282-9646-a0fdfdfd9d1d_zpsighcrnvy.jpg
So we come back to Springtime in Michigan. Not quite the same but still I love the renewal of it all. The birds are too busy now to come to my feeders. The rabbits are not cleaning up but boy have they left some poop. I hope that will help my garden haha. I saw a Possum running across the street today. I never knew they could run so fast. Waiting to see a skunk or a Robin to assure me that Spring really is here. Awakenings......returns......snowdrops fittingly are the first to bloom in my garden.
 photo 27312866-d18d-4160-bbdf-e221429433f9_zpszewjmih8.jpg
I have been looking for them but so far no show but I know it wont be long. I also know that we often get some bad storms in March. The thing is that the weather can go from snow to 80 degrees within a week or two, it does not give us a chance to get used to it. This next picture is not an exaggeration.
 photo 02ed3cdc-4f75-434d-ba90-93fe0b8361bc_zps7f1sqsek.jpg
 photo 848b1889-fbf4-4a84-bd6e-f76207b41ed9_zpstonype2o.jpg
Yes, this is unlike my England.
 photo 5190c5be-7da1-45b3-a5f0-e9c94444628e_zpstqjd8zbf.jpg
I love SPRING.........I am ready to welcome it.


NanaDiana said...

Great memories and some great and fun pictures, Janice.
I am more than ready for Spring, too. It can't come soon enough for me! xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

New life everywhere, Wonderful time or the year, enjoy.

Jann Olson said...

Your childhood sounds so similar to mine. Not growing up in beautiful England of course, but I have such fond memories of playing in the fields and mountains around our home. Harebells look gorgeous! Have never heard of them before, but I certainly love bluebells. We see lots of baby lambs here in the Spring. Not wondering the hill sides, but in pastures. What a beautiful post of a walk down your sweet memory lane. Spring is my favorite season as well. I too love the renewal of everything!