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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hectic weeks..................

Its been a rather hectic few weeks one way or other. I began baby sitting for a few months. The babies grandmother was about to retire and would be looking after the little fella after that. He is a cute little,( and I mean little) 3 month old. His mother was terrified of leaving him to go back to work, so this arrangement worked well for her. My problem was getting up at 5am. The first month it was actually quite nice. I have a good hour to myself as the sun came up.
Well I finished with that job on Friday and I suppose that over the period of time I watched him I had saved a little nest egg. I was hoping to buy something with it. We need a new BBQ, a new vacuum and this and that. It was not to be. More later.
So then Gabby got sick...........she was in the ER a couple of times and we were trying to help with that situation as well. She is doing better now.
Then Reina got sick. She has Spherocytosis (an inherited blood disease)and the pain from her gall bladder was bad poor thing. She ended up going to ER and then down to a childrens hospital. They are restricting her diet and holding off on surgery until she is older.
Meanwhile Tristen and Reina did a fashion show. They did what they did last year. Laura works at Yonkers and they do a childrens fashion show now every year.
 photo 751b8893-c302-421c-8929-3c7e070727e2_zpsfzf3rkh7.jpg
Reina being serious about her job
 photo d24b26f1-e907-4a9d-81f7-5438b5d8c665_zpspbxvf8er.jpg
The next thing to happen was Bijou got sick.
 photo e2cbe9b2-9efe-4553-99cc-b15a4de2b5b3_zpspmdb7e2i.jpg
Here we are leaving the vets after 3 days treatment. She was not at all happy and still very weak.
 photo df0fee1e-dfd4-464e-98d4-be1b2c75dcdc_zpswvy68aas.jpg
She was out of sorts and lethargic when we decided to take her in on Monday. She was not eating and was dehydrated and had a fever. The vet decided to keep her overnight, ran blood work and urine tests. She has bladder stones again. She only had that large one out a few months ago. She now has a kidney stone as well. They put her on intravenus liquids and antibiotics. They could not explain the pain, the vets seemed to not know what to do or why she was not responding. They kept her another night and did more blood tests. Everything came back ok. They were confused. She was in for 3 days and we brought her home Friday. Took her back for more infusions on Saturday and then home again. She is gradually getting a bit better this week. She is eating a bit more. She seems to be in less pain. Each day seems to be an improvement. We are not sure yet though. Lots of prayers for her and I really prayed God would give her a chance to spend some time at home with us............I believe He answered prayers. We really thought we would loose her.
 photo 332b08fe-bfe0-42ba-8499-c72a6b41cb9a_zpsmejdohna.jpg
Well as Bijou seem to be on the mend, I am hoping now that things will become less frantic for the next few weeks. I really do need to catch up on things. I am loving being out in the garden working again. I have had no time for my blogs.


NanaDiana said...

Wow- You have been a busy girl. So sorry that everyone has been so ill and your poor sweet puppy, too. God bless you as you go through the next few weeks! xo Diana

Mac n' Janet said...

It never rains but it pours. Hope all of your family, Bijou too, get better and stay better.

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I am so sorry for everything that has been going on! Sending you big hugs!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

So very sorry to learn you have been going through hard times, I'm hoping by now your days have become easier.
It never rains but it pours, that's what my gran used to say.
Hugs to you and your loved ones dear friend, I'm wishing and praying their ailments will diminish.