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Monday, April 27, 2015

Tristen's Swimming lesson.......

On Wednesday Dan was away on his honeymoon so we took Tristen to his swimming lesson. Now that was quite the experience. He wants so much to be older than he is. He had to show us how to get to the YMCA and he was insistent even though we knew where it was. He showed us where we had to park and showed us what to do and where to go. Full of himself he was. He always is haha. He is just like his mum.
Anyway, he knew to take a shower and get changed in the locker room and took us to the pool to meet the instructor.
He is not different there than at school or anywhere else. He does not listen. Still he enjoyed his lesson.

 photo f0ecd2e5-a041-44b0-aca5-cfc470a0b017_zps50e9sxoj.jpg
 photo db3650fa-3dc4-4b6a-821c-cfc7945993f6_zps0oooyu0x.jpg
 photo 0fd78df4-7adc-4990-8adc-9b7e9d452da9_zpsimmk3tui.jpg
 photo b4541529-9f8b-42e6-959c-6971030b8d49_zpscml6ut1e.jpg
So that was an adventure. He kept popping out of the pool and coming over to where we sat, all wet and dripping. We think we will sign him up for soccer this summer.
So then one evening Gabby stopped in with Cooper. Tristen was just getting into the tub, so Gabby put Cooper in with him.
 photo 0668168e-c68b-4500-b876-d5c8780cd0a1_zpsxs0idlss.jpg
 photo 87146caa-ada5-451e-b1ac-0c24629708d2_zpsncmlmvl6.jpg
 photo f7aea647-41a8-4993-9306-792b164d098b_zpswrkt4wnm.jpg
Cousins having fun. Oh boy!!!.........these two will be quite the pair when they get older. Cooper had a blast.
 photo b395702a-edf2-4874-93fc-51e6b0202d6f_zpsirfrsuqr.jpg
 photo 59437236-7780-4f84-b3c8-8efd8bec876f_zpswsse3xmk.jpg

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NanaDiana said...

Just something about kids and water. I am glad he liked the lesson. I think soccer might be good for him. Cute pictures, too, of the kiddos in the tub. Have a great night- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

So cute!!! Love the pictures! I have always loved the water too!

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