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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

christmas Shopping.............

Laura and I went out today, have not done that in awhile. She has been working and I have been sewing when not doing housework. I wanted to take a wreath over to the cemetary so waited until she could go too. We did that first. I was going to stop at Joannes and pick up a few bits and bobs to decorate with, but it was drizzle and so skipped that and just put the wreath up. Next I wanted to stop at the Red Dresser. I love that place. I love that they put crafts and antiques together. What's not to like?
 photo 103_2089_zpsv4nm5evs.jpg
I love getting ideas there. So along with shopping I take a few photos to remind me of ideas I see there.
 photo 103_2090_zpsw4ofqljk.jpg
The little angels in the first picture and this wreath are made of paper, so is this next idea. I thought the little dresses would look cute in a little girls room.
 photo 103_2094_zpsbc2hhje4.jpg
Then more paper crafts.
 photo 103_2091_zpstw24bxoi.jpg
I got some easy sewing ideas too. I liked these simple trees. Pillows and felt projects
 photo 103_2092_zpss9dwgj16.jpg
 photo 103_2095_zpsrrcjpg1j.jpg
 photo 103_2096_zpsbj0rq42w.jpg
I should have a whole week after I am done with my quilts and got those in the mail. So maybe I can begin sewing some pillows and ornaments. I have loads of ideas and sure have the fabric to use up.I have done plate stands already, but for the garden. I think they would make nice gifts, what do you think. The covered decoration next to it would be great. I think the top, bell part can be found places like
Michaels and Joannes.
 photo 103_2093_zpsro68e2yi.jpg

We found some jewelry made of blue stone and Petoskey stones. I bought a Petoskey that I liked. The small earrings would be great to use up the small stones we find.
 photo 103_2098_zpsqpogvtte.jpg
 photo 103_2099_zpsw4sftaep.jpg
More bunting and package tags, all great ideas to use to decorate or give as gifts
 photo 103_2100_zps9mwmi0n8.jpg
 photo 103_2101_zpsaiiqipcx.jpg
 photo 103_2102_zpscyqpmyev.jpg
I liked this simple pattern used on a pillow, it could be used on a few things so I took a picture.
 photo 103_2103_zpso9z4y1nj.jpg
Now to be clear. I do not copy these. I use the pictures to give me inspiration and ideas. Then if I do make anything I make it slightly different and make it my own. I buy a lot of books, and I will buy samples when I want to figure it out myself. I love this store. They wrapped my things and put them in a Christmas bag, it was lovely. I bought quite a bit of stuff. I liked this idea with Ball canning jars
 photo 103_2105_zpsq1ugl6tw.jpg
Some have done simular things setting a snow scene in a clear glass lid and adding turning it upside down. I liked this one though. We next stopped at the Salvation Army store. I will share that on My Pretty things along with what I bought at the Red Dresser.
Anyway I needed thread and we had not gone to Joannes, so we stopped at The Quilting Bee. I got my thread but I also got a few (3) patterns and some fabric squares. I am hoping that on my free week after quilts are done I can try a few things.
After that we stopped and had lunch next door at Hunan and had a great Chinese Buffet, it was awesome.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I loved seeing all the things you showed in this post and am hoping I get some time to experiment, too, now that I gave up the craft shows.

I thought I had responded to your last email with some photos, but I saw it somehow went in my draft folder--a yahoo glitch. I'll send some out soon.

Magic Love Crow said...

I want to go to the red dresser! Thanks for showing all these beautiful items Janice! Hugs!