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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stray Cat Quandry.....................

Laura was taking Reina to a doctors appointment, she saw a stray cat in the garbage rooting around. She took it inside to feed it, then headed into town with the cat. Needless to say she dropped it off here.
Well it is a smallish cat, all black and I loved it. So we have decided to keep her. The problem with cats are they are a dime a dozen and taking them to the humane society is a possible death sentence. People do not seem to like black cats. I do. So we have named her Betty.
 photo 103_2318_zpszzcrmbwv.jpg
Gerry was NOT happy. He did not want another cat. Well, he also has a problem putting his foot down and saying no.
 photo 103_2302_zpsxccjpesg.jpg
Boots was a stray, she goes outside and is inside as much as out. When we got Boots she was pregnant. I got her to the vets right away and Dr Burke did a spay on her. That ended that problem. She was not far along and so it was the kindest thing.
SO now we find Betty may be enceinte too. What to do. The moral and ethical issues of strays...........I am under no obligation to even keep her. Its the fault of her original owners. I believe all animals should be spayed and neutered. Also if you dont want to take care of them dont have them. People end up dumping them when they cant afford or wont take care of things. I personally believe it should be mandatory if you have a pet. No breeding with out a special permit and that regulated.This needs to stop.
People who do not take care of pets make it someone else.s problem. I can not afford to get this cat spayed or declawed at the moment. That leaves me with the problem of if she is pregnant it will soon be too late to spay and get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. I hate that so much but best to do than have more unwanted cats. It is a moral dilemma for me.
 photo 103_2321_zps0jhpky7g.jpg
Betty is a small cat, tiny bones. Maybe she isn't pregnant, she still needs to be fixed. Then there is the other thing. Declawing. I hate it. I dislike more when a dog gets their eyes scratched. That happened to one of my poodles a while ago now. Slit the eyelid fortunately and not the eye. Betty's claws are needle sharp. Now, she is more calm than Boots. Maybe I can just get them trimmed. I do not feel I have to justify getting cats declawed. Yes its not nice. What is worse would be not giving her a home because I wont do it. My dogs come first here, we did after all choose to have them. Their health and welfare is priority to us both. It would not be fair to Betty to deny her a good forever home because I refuse to declaw though. People criticize that so much, yet my mum had a dog put down because a cat clawed its eyeball in half. Back then probably not much else to be done to save the dog. Anyway, as I said before, if people could just take care of their animals, people like me would not have to be the bad guys and "maime" a cat. Having said that, my vet did an awesome job and the 3 cats I have had done were not even sore when they came home that same day. They came home with pain pills but none needed it. They didn't seem to notice even. No licking or any sign that things were different.
 photo 103_2320_zpssldiwnrs.jpg
I am not sure what we will end up doing with Betty but know she will have a good home. Boots is a little put out and so are the poodles but no one has got in a fight, Betty is really laid back. So we hope this will be a happy home for her.Tristen likes her.
 photo 103_2289_zps4fof6g1s.jpg
Bijou and Betty enjoying some leftovers in the picture above.
So what next. What if kittens do come along. I can't keep them. I will have to find homes for them. Laura has 7, she doesn't need more. I don't need more. I can't afford this one. My poodles take everything with grooming and vet bills. We have no money for stray cats. So what to do. I have to take her to the vet next week, I am still sick and wont drive on icy roads so it must wait until money comes in next week. Wish me luck because I really don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

such a predicament, I have found myself in the same situation more times than I like to remember,, I just could never find it in my heart to not take them in, or at least find a good safe home,,
she looks quite at home,, lo,
I think you will keep her, lol,

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

That is all certainly a dilemma. I have taken in 3 strays and they lived full well cared-for lives. At this point in my life I am done being a pet owner - when I lost our Romeo in May - well, let's just say I lost a beloved family member - decided I am done.

I'd be hard pressed if a stray came to me as Betty did. She's pretty - hope and wish the best for her and you all. Take care - and God bless you for being such a devoted animal lover, and advocate of responsible pet ownership! amen, sister!

Happy New Year to you!

Susie said...

Every time I read of stray cats I think of my niece who would sing "the cat came back, they thought he was a goner." It was a little ditty she sang in school. I know what you mean about people not taking care of responsibility. I wish you luck. You may ask around if some farmers need barn cats. Blessings to you for a healthy new year. xoxo,Susie

Magic Love Crow said...

I wish you luck! I wish people would take care of their pets! I agree with everything you have said! Betty looks like such a good cat!