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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Blues.................

We have snow now, plenty of it. Today it was wet and heavy, sleet came down along with fluffy snow. It's not that cold really all concidered. So it stayed wet an heavy. Gerry did get the snow blower going so didn't have to do it all by hand. Midway through afternoon I heard the dripping start. Our roof leaks. It's hard to find out where it's coming in. The roof is new, but it's an add on so it could be from where the two roofs join, or more likely the ice gets up under the shingles. In any case, until Spring when we will redo the roof it has to be dealt with.
 photo 103_2468_zpszaf2dtnz.jpg
I went out to take a picture. Gerry said Tristen has taken the axe and didn't know where it was. He needed it to chop the ice off the roof.
 photo 103_2469_zpsswmpfzm6.jpg
Gerry was not at all happy. Tristen could not remember where it was and so tomorrow I guess I will be digging in the snow to try to find it. We have to clear the roof in any case. The weight of the snow can damage the roof and destroy things when it comes off. Last year the ice came down in chunks and I thought the porch would cave in. Next year when the weather is good and he redoes the porch and the roof I want an electric barrier thing put up so it keeps it from freezing. Icicles can inpale a person when they come down.
 photo 103_2468_zpszaf2dtnz.jpg
I took a few pictures this morning. The snow was deep heavy and wet. No school today. Roads too bad.
 photo 103_2446_zpswyridcaz.jpg
Look at my bird feeders
 photo 103_2452_zpsip2icowv.jpg
Tristen was determined to have fun. He was yapping to the man over the road who was shoveling his drive. Poor guy.
 photo 103_2451_zps52mwmpbt.jpg
The fence all but disappeared. This is looking up 9th st from my front path.
 photo 103_2449_zpsqgnistac.jpg
The front of the house
 photo 103_2444_zpsjgtgkdyx.jpg
The branches are weighted down
 photo 103_2445_zps2k5tbjcf.jpg
Looking up Oak street.
 photo 103_2443_zpsncbeocw2.jpg
The poor Apple tree will get it's branches broken pretty soon. Every winter it holds heavy snow and some of the branches are dying, so at some point I will need a new tree.
 photo 103_2438_zpszoz2egjy.jpg
I will have to trim it heavy this Spring.
Can you see the wheel Barrow under all that snow? Looking towards Bud's house, the blue one. I( can barely make it out, the postman must be careful not to fall over it if he cuts across.
 photo 103_2448_zpswdfhcak6.jpg
Well, the birds are fed. I put out food, bread for those who need it. The squirrels eat a lot of it but I am trying to feed the Crows. Any scraps go out for those who want it. This weather keeps most in hiding. Can't say as I care to be out myself when its so wet. Certainly not fit for driving. Winter has been short this year but when it comes, it comes.


Anonymous said...

wow, you really got a bog snow fall, it does look beautiful though,

Susie said...

Glad you are getting the snow off your house. I heard where a 1600 sq. foot house with snow on the roof...that foot of snow would be 14 tons. Plus Willie Geist (Today Show)was talking about the snow making an ice dam in his gutters and it ruined his ceiling. Blessings, stay safe. xoxo,Susie

Magic Love Crow said...

It looks so beautiful Janice! I know it's a pain to dig out, but it is so gorgeous looking! You certainly got a lot! WOW! That was tones on your roof!!! I really love the pictures! I hope you found the axe! Take care!