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Monday, January 4, 2016

When a cat comes to call..................

When a cat comes to call and moves right in. What the heck happened, here I was happy enough being a one cat family and along comes this bundle of nonsense. Ok so it was cold and hungry and apparently homeless. Laura fed it but couldn't take it in because she has 7 already and didnt't want to leave her alone with them all, besides she can't have any more. (she has orders) So as she had an appointment, very convenient that.............she brings this midget cat thing over here. Well.... by the time she came back it was all settled in and not going anywhere. Meanwhile it has fattened up and is now terrorizing the house.Does she look like she is going anywhere? (below)
 photo 103_2393_zpsnh6mozns.jpg
So Boots is a more dignified cat, well apart from the constant yowling when food is present she is. Sort of... or unless some one comes to visit, then she will squat on anyone's lap who won't dump her. Mainly she is an outside cat. Unless it rains, or apparently if it's cold. Then she does the same as the poodles, she goes out, sniffs, turns and comes in. I have to be the doorman and stand and wait for her to decide if it's in or out, or in, or out or............
So Boots does not like moist cat food. She does not like treats except for cat nip, that she loves and gets all silly like cats do. Then she must have a head ache because she proceeds to smack poodle faces if they try to see whats wrong with her.
Anyway.........the two are becoming used to each other. They sit opposite and stare. Then last night and the night before I heard them thundering across the ceiling must have been playing tag or something. It also explained why my linen closet door was open and the towels were falling out on the floor. Hmmmmm. Boots never did that.
To day I gave Betty, that's her name, some milk. Boots came around the corner and saw it.
 photo 103_2387_zpssjgiijpr.jpg
Well........the air turned decidedly chilly. She has milk? I do not have milk! I want milk.
 photo 103_2388_zpsyinrpod2.jpg
....and proceeded to get closer and closer until Betty stepped back.
 photo 103_2390_zpsmafk37tu.jpg
Boots finished the milk and Betty retreated to the cupboard for a wash giving Boots a threatening look.(below)
 photo 103_2478_zps62invdkh.jpg
This afternoon I was working trying to sort my sewing stuff, all the drawers and cupboard got sorted. I got a lot of help from Betty.
 photo 103_2443_zpsf1ckigy4.jpg
I emptied out a drawer and in popped Betty. Tail hanging out the hole. I put the drawer back and into the drawer she popped again.
 photo 103_2441_zpsurj6nrzp.jpg
I was sorting on the table and she jumps on a vacant chair, stretches over to me and got as tall as she could to get into my face. I ignored her. Opened a drawer and by golly into that one she goes. What a pest.
 photo 103_2466_zpslrwufe9c.jpg
I went to the bathroom and yes, she came too. I like to stand in the bathroom window to take pictures of birds so naturally she has to get into the window to block the view and natter at the birds. That ended that project because I could not see around her. Next time bathroom door will be firmly shut. I have to clean the window every time I want to take pictures because there is kitty snot all over it. She bout broke her neck when a Chickadee flew past and she fell off the window sill. She has explored the toilet bowl but has discovered the water bowls taste better I just hope she does not notice that the poodles do not drink from the water bowl but from my glass. She is adapted already to being housebound. So far she is enjoying the stay. I reserve judgement.


LV said...


Laura Rodriguz said...

Hahaha love reading about Betty's antics. :)

Anonymous said...

I think she found her forever home lol,,,

Susie said...

Janice, It sounds to me that you have two cats now. LOL. The antics are cute. Bless your good heart, xoxo,Susie

Magic Love Crow said...

Awwww, this is so precious! I love hearing about cats! And, I agree with Laurie, I think she has found her forever home!

A Brit in Tennessee said...'ve got a soft heart :)
She's a sweet little girl, I'm sure there will be a pecking order established, usually the kitten rules.
Hope you are staying warm up there in the north, we may get a little snow Sunday, but I could do without .
Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year Janice.