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Friday, February 19, 2016


I am in love with a cow. Well actually he is not a she, so is a bull, or bullock. He lives at the Gentle Barn in Tennessee. I can't remember when I first began to watch the Gentle Barns daily posts on Facebook, but it's been awhile now. They have some unique animals there, but the one who stole my heart is Dudley.
 photo 12439231_546534755520376_8279244291246907992_n_zpsy12rbrnu.jpg

So Dudley became my reason for no longer eating beef or pork. I can no longer in good concience eat these beautiful animals. This has been coming for a long time. Once before we gave up meat after seeing those horrific feed lots when we went out west. I think we did quite well for almost 7 years. Then when I had to cook for other people I got back into cooking meat again. I have to say I just love beef. I love Pork. It won't be easy and I am sure we will break down now and then. Probably when we go out to eat, not that that happens much.
The Gentle Barn in Tennessee also has a couple of pigs that are a hoot but it was Dudley who decided me.
 photo 12322954_524171894423329_7563917313184110987_o_zpstzlfgyg9.jpg
What a face. Dudley has a friend named Destiny. She too has a story. They are a couple now and inseperable.
 photo 12654554_547356765438175_8798563387029758633_n_zpsq7kfoba0.jpg
Dudley wants a kiss
 photo 934023_554066804767171_2467844851368838314_n_zps05yslmrl.jpg
The life that they have now is a good one, bless them.
 photo 12645217_548870421953476_5543566067685080290_n_zpshq3gbimk.jpg
Dudley is my love but Henry and Horton the two pigs also have a great story.

Good morning everyone! Hope you have a happy day. From Henry and Horton.

Posted by The Gentle Barn on Monday, July 13, 2015
They have grown into pig piggies now. They have a great life and wonderful food. It looks good enough for me. All the fruits and veggies, they sleep with their own blankets in a lovely bed of hay. If only all animals could live like these. They are ensured a healthy and good life and thats as it should be.
 photo 12647101_1250616578288635_5998280345289256116_n_zpsey3ptnsa.jpg
Some day I want to get down to Tennessee. I must get to meet Dudley.

We are here building the fence for our newly rescued pigs and Dudley's helping by reassuring and loving Destiny. Thanks Dudley, good job!#GBTennessee#teamdudley #ourdestiny#begentle

Posted by The Gentle Barn on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
He is such a love.

You can't see it, but there is a fence between Dudley and the truck. Watch how Dudley stops the ball from going under...

Posted by The Gentle Barn on Thursday, June 11, 2015
I could show Dudley videos for hours but I better wrap it up for now.


Kay G. said...

Oh, I went without meat for many years. I know if I watch these videos, I will do so again. My husband has so little that he can eat, I can't NOT eat meat.

Magic Love Crow said...

Bless all their hearts!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Janice, I feel the same way about Dudley...well, and all the animals at the Gentle Barn Tennessee! I'm completely besotted with them! I was following the Gentle Barn in California on Facebook for quite a while, after hearing about it on The Ellen Show. Then when they opened one in Tennessee was so excited and started following them, too, and Dudley's story. It's a goal of mine to do there to visit and meet them all in person. The new cow, Maybelle, and her baby are so sweet,too. Their story brought tears to my eyes!!