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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Living with ADHD..........................

Tristen has ADHD. We suspected early on but it was not until he started school that it was confirmed. I really really did not want to take the route of medication. It goes against all I believe in. I dont think it's a good message to take a pill for everything that's wrong in life. After all, how then can we tell them not to take drugs? Just say NO but take one so you can function. I believe in self control and working on self improvement. We tried working on diet as I do believe that has a lot to do with the issue. Today it's difficult to find food that does not have preservatives, sugar or other additives in it. Not just that but the added chemicals, the growth hormones and now even the structure of food is changing. They take the DNA of one thing and add it to another to essentially make the item either pest resistant or what ever else the problem is in farming the item. Then they add colour made from goodness knows what to make it look better.
We wonder why our children mature early and yet they are fed animal products laced with hormones. The meat becomes what the creature itself is eating. Just as what goes into the earth will get into the veggies we eat. Things are added to the water we drink and we get shots to prevent diseases (and I am all for that) and all of that is added to our bodies to cope with. So where as in years gone by a child might be a bit hyper or on a sugar high as they would say, it was nowhere near what it is now. The number of children diagnosed is incredible.
What are we doing to our kids? Can we avoid it? I tried. I really tried. My son Justin had a form of ADHD but nothing like as bad as Tristen. Justin made it through school and the Marine Corps and College without medication. That says a great deal for his character. He had to work 3 times as hard as his brother to get the grades he wanted, but he did and got a Masters degree in Electronical engineering. I had high hopes Tristen could do the same.
Tristen though is a whole different story. His mother had ADHD along with other personality issues and again, not like this.
We give Tristen his pill in the mornings and the only effect we have seen is some nights its difficult to get to sleep. He also has problems with food, and eating. He does not eat well. Side effects of the drug. We are working on that.
This weekend, on Saturday we didn't give him his pill. The effect was scary. He was violent and almost as though he was autistic. He was mean, abusive and beligerant. Not at all my lovely little boy. Tristen has always been very loving, funny and fun to be with. As he has grown though he has become more and more out of control. We had to take him out of preschool because they could not control him. Young 5s had to deal with him but by the end of the year they insisted on testing him. I consulted his doctor and we decided to try the medication. At home we could still deal with him and he was not too beligerant with us so I had originally thought it was discipline that was more the problem at school. That all changed in time. The older he got, the worse he got, he was hitting kids and could not say why. He has a different doctor this year, she is much more involved and interested. She understands and has a child with the same issues. So we tried a higher dose and it was a charm.
I originally wanted to keep him off of the meds on weekends and holidays and that worked for a time. Now, it no longer works. It is not fair to Tristen. I can not imagine how he must feel. He says that he cant control it, his head wont do what he wants. He saw a psychologist and the guy was very impressed with him. The doctor said Tristen was able to very accurately describe what happens in his head and he was very insightful for one so young. He does not need to continue to see that doctor but I think it helped him and me in the beginning. The doctor he is seeing now is very much for keeping him on the meds and could tell he had not taken his meds last time we met to renew them. I can not now see taking him off them even on weekends. We loose complete control of him.
So.................this evening was his school conference. His teacher is so proud of him. She says he has done 100% better. His favourite thing is math and she says he is good at it. He is getting on well with his writing and is popular and has friends now. No one wanted anything to do with him before because he was always in trouble. I mean EVERY day.
As I said, Saturday was BAD. We gave him a pill on Sunday and he was a lot better but not so much by the end of the day when it wore off and he would not sleep. Monday he was in trouble at School. His teacher didn't know what happened, he punched someone in the face on the playground and was in the office the rest of the day. I got a note home a formal complaint.
I can only think that taking him off for one day had long range consequences. He would not talk about it Monday. I did ask the next day and he explained a little bit. So........ there we have it. I do not know how we will proceed long term but for now we will keep on this track and keep in mind he may need to up the dose as he gets bigger.
Meanwhile these are his school reports.
 photo 103_2709_zpsqhisrguq.jpg

 photo 103_2711_zps3wgihyoe.jpg

 photo 33d80a10-739f-4e20-9123-fd69c5fe300b_zpswx67avr2.jpg

 photo 103_2712_zpsz8vf9scc.jpg

 photo 103_2713_zpsg4hu0yr5.jpg
He is saying First get a tube (toob)
 photo 103_2714_zpsrfks7nvk.jpg
Next go up a hill and then sit on the tube.
 photo 103_2715_zps4w0ycqek.jpg
When they had free time he chose to read, his teacher was very thrilled with that.
 photo 0553fc0c-e428-4ae7-8d3c-58291a8553a0_zpsng3eu02s.jpg
She says she takes pictures all the time and is making a scrap book for the end of the year. How sweet.
 photo 6a6c6322-a965-45b3-b97f-bb99f9117787_zpstd8uc4pm.jpg


Magic Love Crow said...

Bless his heart! I wish him all the best!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

I can imagine how difficult and challenging this has been for all of you. I look at this way - it's no different than a child who becomes diabetic and needs insulin. Sometimes diet and exercise and discipline just aren't enough. I'm so glad to hear the medication is helping and he's doing so much better!