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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What is your gift?.......................

I am reading a book by Susan Branch. I read her first book about her life "A Fine Romance" it was about a trip to England. Naturally I had to read it because, well, I am from England. Also she is a watercolour artist and she illustrates her books. I fell in love with that book and so I ordered and read the 2nd book "The Fairy Tale Girl" more about her life this time. Then when that ended she was writing a third book and I had to wait for that one. I am now over 1/2 way through it."Martha's Vineyard. Isle of Dreams". I am finding so much in this book that is so like me. It's very inspiring.
I love her life. At least the artist part and author part. She moved from California to Martha's Vineyard to begin over. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her life but bought a small cottage and set down to work all that out. It makes entertaining and interesting reading.
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"Neglect Not the gift that is in you" 1 Timothy 4:14
So what is your gift?
I sometimes feel guilty about that. I can do so many things but I don't know what to do with those things. I can draw, paint and sew among other things.
Those are the things I love most. In her books Susan talks about her own gifts. She loves to cook, decorate, paint, garden and most of the things I love to do. It took her a long time to realize what she wanted to do with her life.
Then she had to figure out how to proceed. Just having an idea does not make it happen.
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So when Susan decided what she wanted to do, she got down to doing it. She did a cookbook, in her own handwriting and illustrations. She then had to find a publisher. It tells all that in her 3rd book. So, what do I do with my "gifts" I would love to do a book. A sketchbook with quotes. Like Susan I have collected sayings, quotes and poems since when I was very young.
The downside on that is I would NOT like the other side of things, book signings and travel to promote and all that. I have 2 friends who are published authors. I could not do what they do. One of them did a childrens book and she does talks at schools. The other did a book that came from our family ancestry work, she does lectures. None of that is for me. SO back to "my gift" what do I do with it/them. I must pray and pray. If God gave me a gift then He needs to show me what I must do with it. Maybe a book is not it. I will be 70 soon. Time runs out and I will end up in front of the Lord and when He asks what I did with my gift I will have nothing to give Him. The other thing is both those women have different lives to me. The first one is a widow with grown children. Her time is her own. The 2nd has a husband who supports her and they go on cruises and give talks on board ship (nice) so what's for me? I am married, I have pets, commitments, Tristen. I can't fully devote time to figuring this out. I feel like I am wasting my time and it is running out.
Meanwhile I will continue to draw and paint and do all the things I love doing. I just wont make any money doing it. Sigh!!!
Anyway. I recommend Susan Branch books. Including her cook books.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Time isn't wasted, un less you really feel you are wasting it! For the past 4 years of my life, I could say, I wasted it, but I didn't. I learned so much! Things I had to go through, to put me where I am today! One of your gifts, I would say, is being there for Tristen! Who knows what will happen? But, if you feel something truly within your heart, do it and have no regrets!