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Monday, April 4, 2016


The Robins came back to Michigan, poor things are having a cool Spring. The American Robin, so unlike the British version but maybe with some of its perky disposition. Today, they were looking most unhappy sitting shivering in the branches waiting for the snow to melt. It did, and I am sure they got plenty to eat. I did put out some Cranberries but the squirrels ate those.
 photo 103_3294k_zpsnmoflm5v.jpg
This guy was up in the tree sulking.
 photo 103_3295g_zpspbuqijf2.jpg
HE hung around for awhile looking pissed off and hungry.
 photo 103_3296k_zpsf8tgrjsm.jpg
The American Robin goes south for the winter. Not all the way south but at least out of the snow. Robins eat worms, grubs and berries. They are not keen on seeds. He was checking out the bread with a beady eye but passed on that. I saw him running like crazy across the ally he must have spotted a bug of some sort.
 photo 103_3304k_zpsaoyopes3.jpg
The American Robin is about the size of an English Black Bird or Thrush. The English Robin is small by comparison. Maybe the size of a Junco when its fluffed.
 photo 46aaf987fc363995e41ba391a797bbde_zpsgol51gpv.jpg
The English Robin is the gardeners friend. If you are digging then the Robin is there.
 photo 1f3537e54ef032c9e0634833ffd55775_zpsajsyvkl6.jpg
Did you see the movie "The Secret Garden" well that shows the personality of the Robin, the English version. They are very different from the American Robin, who does not seem to have a personality. I can't tell. Maybe it's because the American version is not a territorial creature like the English one.The English Robin seems to get to know its people. They are not at all shy and they will buddy up with a fisherman or anyone where they may get a free meal. My cousin Robin (haha) is a fisherman and he usually has one hanging around, they probably like the bait. Anyway the American one does not seem at all social.
The English Robin does not leave for the winters, he sticks around and puts up with the bad weather, he guards his territory well.
Well I guess thats a rather boring post but I was thinking today because the poor Robin was just looking miserable. I do know enough ground thawed so that he could get lunch even if he did miss breakfast.


LV said...

Definitely not a boring post. Most enjoyable and informative. We have beautiful Robins in Texas, but we do not get the snow like you. So thankful.

Merlesworld said...

All information is good we don't have robins here.

Magic Love Crow said...

I didn't realize the American and English robin were so different! I was thinking about the poor robins today as well! I have to say, the robins that we have around here, are territorial. Usually, the same parents come back every year and if anyone moves in, you can hearing them arguing! LOL!