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Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Short walk with Danielle....................

It was way too hot for a walk. Danielle was home for the weekend. She spent most of it with us, with Tristen. He is her sisters son. We took a short walk for something to do, it was too hot for the park. We were going to cousin Vicki's garage sale, she just moved. We could not find her so stopped at the park on the way back.
This is Danielle with Tristen.
 photo DSCN6458s_zpscyvwy62j.jpg
A few more wild flowers out but not too many. No wildlife, too many people.
 photo DSCN6456_zpsusdd20ng.jpg
Coltsfoot, at least that's what I know it as. Maybe its the same as what grows in England it sure looks like it.
My dad bought me a pocket edition of English Wildflowers. I would take it with me over the fields. I could identify all the trees and flowers. I wish I could do the same now, it's not too late to learn but I am not as enthused as I once was.
 photo DSCN6468f_zps63nv913x.jpg
 photo DSCN6468j_zpspgcmwqcu.jpg
We walked to the first pond/lake but that was all we could do. So hot, somewhere in the 90s. Way too hot for me. The playground equipment was hot too so no enthusiasm there.
 photo DSCN6463_zpsjeghb0vv.jpg
Still we did get out at least and a short walk.
 photo DSCN6459j_zpsdy22lzaz.jpg
Enough to work the kinks out and let the kids holler.
 photo DSCN6460j_zpsdxl03mxt.jpg
Trails end, this is how we all felt and that was from being in the shade. Glad we didn't go to the Dunes.
 photo DSCN6470_zpsmtqwnp2i.jpg
We stopped at the store and Gerry went in to get ice cream for us. We usually stop for an ice cream but he didn't want to but did get us some to take home.

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Magic Love Crow said...

We've been having the same heat! It's bad! I almost passed out the past two days, but now, it is gone for a little bit! We have had no rain now for 2 weeks! Not good! Gorgeous area where you were. I hope it has cool down for you! Big Hugs!