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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Today we tackled the Whaleback. We go to the beach all the time and look up at it. The hill looks like a whale. It really does. Just like Aligator hill looks like, well, an Aligator. So today we went back to the Whaleback Natural area to check out the view from the top. One problem. There was a "field trip" going on. A whole bunch of noisy kids. Took up the whole parking lot. We parked on the side of the road and figured we would get a head start. No such luck, after busting butt to try to get ahead of them we decided to retreat. Sit it out and wait for then to pass.
 photo 103_4568j_zps3x5ciejj.jpg
 photo 103_4570j_zpsn9duimh7.jpg
The noise past us, good grief, if there was anything alive in those woods it was long gone, all but a few Chipmunks who were very vocal in their protests.
 photo 103_4563k_zpsbg8pmwhb.jpg
We got back on the trail and hiked it to the top. It was not difficult but the initial fast pace left me winded. Phew!!!It sort of caught up with yesterdays walks on the beach. My body needs a day to recover. Soon enough we were at the top
 photo 103_4576_zpspxq3c9in.jpg
 photo 103_4574h_zpsziancwm2.jpg
Not bad, but have seen better. The woods were nice though, the troop of kids seemed less than enthused and disappeared as quick as they came. The woods were back to quiet. Our kids seemed quiet after that. You could hear birds singing and the wind blowing in the tops of the trees. I love that sound. Next picture is looking down the road to Lake Leelanau.
 photo 103_4589_zpsa8izejcm.jpg
We went to get some lunch next. We like the little cafe in Leland Trishes Dishes. Great sandwiches and baked goodies.The bread is to die for.
 photo 103_4591_zpsclhojxcl.jpg
Is there onion in my sammie?
 photo 103_4592k_zpsykhj5hmv.jpg
I was trying to get Tristen to eat something substantial as opposed to what he ate yesterday. He ate a little of his sandwich and a little melon. Orange juice to drink, so I guess that was not too bad for him.
Next we headed to Fishtown, its in Leland but is an old shanty type place by the dam. All the old shacks converted to shops. There is carlsons Fisheries where you can buy great smoked fish. Other places to get great cheese and bread. We resisted, no money to spend this time out. We went down there because I wanted to show Laura some Blue stones in one of the shops. They are selling from 20 to 50 dollars just for the rocks. You see how many we find. We just have to figure out how to use them. We may have to take a class. I want to learn to wire wrap.
 photo 103_4618j_zpsxgpbyncw.jpg
There are some nice shops in Leland that cater to the tourists. Fun to look at but we didn't need anything and no money either. We live here we don't need to shop. It's so much fun to look though.
 photo 103_4598_zpsamkt1vvc.jpg
 photo 103_4607_zpsgqdagtzv.jpg
 photo 103_4596_zpsxgd4o2jt.jpg
 photo 103_4599k_zpsovc9ypay.jpg
We could not face the beach today, Laura is sunburned and sore. I had enough sun yesterday and know when to back off. I don't use sunscreen.
Down in the town/village of Leland are some great art galleries. One day when we don't have kids we will explore the shops again and go in the art galleries.
The newer shops have wonderful window boxes and flowers. Must have cost a fortune.
 photo 103_4604_zps7ewdklll.jpg
 photo 103_4611_zpsd0aer0eu.jpg
So today was a short day for us. We got back around 2.30. Enough time to do dishes, vacuum and wash the floor. Then I was really pooped. I am not sure but I think I dozed off. Tristen was out in the sand box. I was downloading pictures and it sort of faded away for a few moments, I wont say I napped but.......................

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Magic Love Crow said...

You deserve to nap Janice! LOL! What a gorgeous day! Another beautiful area! LOVE! Sorry about the noisey kids! Not fun! Hugs!