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Monday, October 17, 2016

Debbie's Birthday...................

Laura and I went to visit Debbie Commins. Dan's 2nd ex wife. Laura and her got quite close after Debbie had a stroke just prior to the divorce from Dan. Dan had asked Laura (wife #1) to help Debbie with personal care. You may imagine that they got pretty good friends during that time.
Well we have kept up the friendship. It's a shame that her long time friends have not done the same, they all seemed to leave her, apparently thinking she was not trying to help herself as quickly as she should. I don't understand that. Everyone is different. Well recently Debbie fell and broke her hip and is now recovering from that and back home. She moved into town and so it's easy to go visit her now.
Anyway her family arranged a surprise birthday party for her.
Laura and Debbie.
 photo DSCN7430_zpsdcmvikru.jpg
Cameron with his grandparents (Debbie's mum and dad)
 photo DSCN7431_zpsdqztmz9k.jpg
Debbie trying on some new earrings
 photo DSCN7428_zpssxgs93px.jpg
I think that Debbie is very brave. We met her pastor when visiting her in hospital. A very nice man from the Journey church. Talking to him myself about the situation with Tristen helped me make my decisions. I think it was fate that we visited on the same day.
 photo DSCN7429_zps6fbunhzx.jpg
I think Debbie enjoyed her day and it was good to see her folks, lovely couple they are. Her son Cameron and daughters Lauren and Emily were also there. I think friends from church had done the cake for her. We were happy to be included.
I took her some magazines the other day and she asked me to go back and help her to relearn to knit. I had given her yarn, needles and a round weaving thingie. So I must go sometime this week and we can try to do that. She should be able to work that with just the one arm. She still cant use the one side too well but is improving all the time so I thought this might help her. We shall see.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Bless her heart! Sending her healing prayers! Looks like a fun party!